35 Fun, Simple and Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

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Draw on banana with a toothpick........... can't get any easier!

Also check THIS old post of mine for other ideas of what to draw or write on a banana

Other fun and healthy Halloween ideas:

- Orange o'lantern salad bowls from All You

- Babybel cheese monster from Danya Banya
Love Love Love this simple idea!

- Learn how to make this mummy sandwich step by step HERE
- Cheese fingers from Food Wishes. A healthy snack for kids!

- A salad idea for Halloween from Cute Food For Kids

- Fruit candy corns from Super Healthy Kids

- I made this a few years ago. There are a few more apple o'lantern ideas on this post

- Fresh veggies with cream cheese and olive googly eyes from Craft Gossip

- Pizza fingers and tons more "finger food" ideas HERE

- Plum Bat from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
How adorable!!
- Dip for fingers from Family Fun

- Cheese mouse!!!
Learn how to HERE

- Green apple monster from howstuffworks.com

- Watermelon brain from Cute Food For Kids

- Banana Ghost From Savoring The Thyme

- Halloween cheese pop from HERE
- Skeleton and brain dip from Kraft Foods

- The mummy apples from Marci Coombs
- Learn how to make this ghost rice ball step by step here at Cute Food For Kids
- Kiwi Frankenstein from Another Lunch

- Frankenstein veggie platter from Blue Skies Ahead
- A fun way to serve snack from The Creative Mama

- Eye ball caprese from Evil Made Scientist

- Laughing cow candy corns from Hungry Happenings

- Candy corn veggie dip from Parents magazine

- Orange + celery = pumpkin? How clever!
From  Blue Skies Ahead

- Get 7 easy and healthy halloween recipes HERE

- Frankenstein Baked Pepper from Babble

- Jack-O-Lantern orange cup from Pimp My Dinner
- Martha Stewart's mashed potato ghosts+ yam pumpkins

- Cheese stick brooms from instructables
- Carrot o'lantern from Tast of Home

- Monster sandwiches here at Cute Food For Kids

- Cheesy corns from Spoonful

- Apple vampires and apple monsters from Cute Food For Kids

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  1. Very Funny !!! :)
    I love your ideas !
    The Banana idea is so cool, I will try :) Thank you ! <3

    1. So glad you like it ^,^ and thank you for visiting.

  2. Great ideas! :) I love the banana ghost and orange pumpkin! Very easy to make :)

    Seran muy útiles en HALLOWEEN

  4. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

    Kids' education Disabilities

  5. Wow, some of these ideas are really amazing, I need to try them!

  6. these are some great ideas. I'm going to have to bookmark this for next year. thanks for posting it.

  7. this is so cute and so much fun! thanks for sharing!


  8. Sungguh sangat luar biasa, saya sangat tertarik untuk mencoba menu ini.. terimakasih atas tipsnya ya

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