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Here are some of my favorite cute food creations.

- DIY  Marshmallow Bear Pop
- Egg Lion: a fun breakfast idea
- Babybel Cheese Ladybugs
- Turn 3 marshmallowa into 2 Marshmallow Rabbits
- 4 Apple O'lantern ideas

- A real "Egg In The Nest"

- Babybel Cheese Santas: step by step tutorial

- Learn how to make this Candy Necklace. It's fun!

- How to build a Sandwich House
- Banana Art: how to draw on banana without a pen
- I found fish bone in my egg!! Sunny Side Up Art
- Easiest party food idea: Cheese Umbrella
- Use only one cutter to make a cute Ladybug Sandwich.
- A real Submarine Sandwich

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