Marshmallow Pop: Teddy Bear

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Here is another marshmallow idea: A Teddy bear is holding a heart! Isn't it a wonderful DIY gift idea for the Valentine's day?

Here is how to make this bear pop:

- Prepare marshmallows

- Put the bear together
- Add ears

- Add facial details
If you couldn't find these giant sprinkles ( from Michael's)  for the ears, try fruit roll ups. Also, I think it might be fun if your marshmallow bear is holding a gummy bear!
Customize your teddy's fun!

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  1. So cute, what a fun gift idea!! I agree a teddy holding a gummi bear would be precious!

  2. Soooo cute, I just love all your creative ideas!

  3. Hi Jenn and Mrs. c, so glad to know you like the idea. thank you.

  4. me encanta, quisiera saber con que se pegan la piezas, gracias

  5. Amazing! I will make this not only for valentines but birthdays!

  6. Really great idea, Thank you for sharing.

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  8. wow this marshmallow teddy bears idea is genius! this would make perfect give aways for kiddie parties

  9. It's adorable! May I know what do you use to stick the paws to the body please?

  10. Thank you. I used cookie icing as gule.

    1. Thanks for sharing;)

  11. Thank you very much for sharing!

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