A Very Different Kind of Valentine's Day Cookie (EKG)

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You probably have seen hundreds of beautiful Valentine's Day cookies. Most of them are heart shaped, and are red or pink. I would love to make something like that, but I just couldn't come out with any new idea.
So....I made something different: the EKG ( ECG/ heart monitor/ cardio) cookies! Actually, it's a EKG graham cracker.

It took me only 3 minutes to make this cracker. Everything I used here are store bought. However, I'm sure it will taste much better if you use homemade sugar cookie.
You may give this to your Valentine, family doctor, med student friend or someone you know who just had a body check!

These "oops! your heart has stopped" cookies would be fun desserts for your Halloween party!

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  1. What a great "different" kind of valentine's cookie! I love it!

  2. Great idea! And I am SURE they are very original.

  3. WOW...your are so creative!!! Awesome cookies, can I have all of them, please?? Hahaha...
    Two thumb up!!!

  4. To Mrs.C and Selena, thank you girls for the nice comments. So glad you like it ^^

    To Hayley, I believe it's original. I Google searched before I made them, and I didn't see any cookies like these. Thank you so so much!

    To Emily, heehee...I would love to share these with you, but they were long gone :p Thank you for coming back to my blog!

  5. So sweet! These are a great idea for any occasion. This a talented way to give a cute gift for valetines day. Adorable.

  6. Different gift for Valentines could also be Sweet Earth Chocolates Classic Red Velvet Box. Different because they are 100% organic and fair trade. Try it out: http://fourgreensteps.com/marketplace/Sweet-Earth-Chocolates-Classic-Red-Velvet-Box.html. Order fast because they run out quickly when getting close to Feb 14!

  7. To Medifast Coupons, thank you for the comment and thank you for visiting my blog again ^,^
    To the anonymous friend, so glad you like these cute food ideas. Also, thank you so much for the help. I'm really really appreciate!

  8. Ha, as a member of the health care arena, I can totally appreciate these. Adorable!



  9. That is super-cute! What a great idea!

  10. That is really cute!! Thanks for sharing yet another cute food! :)

  11. Hi squirrelbread, Amrita and crazy mommy, thank you for coming back. I'm so happy to know people like this cookie. I was worry the last cookie may upset someone!

  12. Those are such creative & adorable cookies!!

  13. Thank you so much for the comments!

  14. OMG!! these are so cute! you are so creative. i'm going to make a big batch of these for my friends on v-day!

  15. So happy to know someone like these cookies! Thank you thank you ^^

  16. Thank you so much. so glad you like it!

  17. You totally copied these from iambaker. You need to put links in your post and tell people when you steal an idea and put it on your blog otherwise its just plagerism.http://iambaker.net/nursing-cookies

    1. The cookies from the website look completely different to the ones that Tiffany have posted. The design is totally different and it is definitely not a stolen idea nor is it plagiarism.

    2. Dear anonymous friend, thank you so much!

  18. First of all, I haven't seen her cookie before I made these EKG cookies.
    Second, don't you think they look totally different?
    Finally, if I got the idea from her, I will be more than happy to link. If you go through my blog, you will find hundreds of links!
    Anyway, thank you for dropping by. Hope to see you again.

  19. I think these are GREAT!! Amber.....life would be SO much more enjoyable if we could give people the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone has ill-intentions. Keep it up Tiffany, many people have similar ideas every day!

  20. Hi Kati, it's so nice of you. Thank you so much :D

  21. These are fantastic. I work in a cardiology office, and I frequently bake and make my coworkers test my recipes. These would be great to bring in sometime and take downstairs to the doctors, nurses, MA's and PA's. They'd definitely get a kick out of them.

  22. Hi Emma, I'm sure your coworkers would be happy to get any goodies from you ^,^
    Thank you for visiting and the comment!

  23. WOW!!!
    I really love your Elegant Ideas.
    Looks like a yummy and festive treat!
    Thank you.

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