Apple O'lantern

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My husband went on a fishing trip with his buddy 2 weeks ago. He didn't get any fish (ha ha ha), but he did bring home nearly 30 lbs of apples. Luckily apple keeps pretty good in the fridge. I haven't eaten so many apples in such short period of time. mom always tells us " an apple a day keeps the doctor away"!
Since it's getting close to Halloween, I use some of these apples to make " apple o'lantern". My 5 years old son loves to bring this to school for snack time.

This coffin is from Micheals the craft store. It's for people to colour, not to pack snacks. It's made from unfinished wood, so I figured it should be ok to put food in there!

I do enjoy carving apple more than pumpkin. 2 reasons....First, carving apple is not as messy. Also, it's ok to screw up because you can always just eat it :D
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