Ladybug Sandwich

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This is a ham and cheese sandwich kids would love to bring to school for lunch. You need only a round cookie cutter and a straw to make this ladybug. Here is how:

-Make the sandwich
-Make the wings

The eyes on this ladybug are candy eyes. However, if I had any white colour cheese and nori at home, I would use them to make the eyes ( just like the way I made this turkey sandwich). Don't forget to glue the wings on the sandwich with some cream cheese if you are packing this into a lunchbox.
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  1. Good ideal, quick easy and cute ladybug.

  2. This vivid, cheerful ladybug appeals to me so much Tiffany! The sunny yellow just sings...

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend :D

  3. Thank you so much ladies and happy Thanksgiving :D

  4. I got them here:
    You can also find them on e-bay. Just search for " candy eyes" or " icing eyes"
    Thank you for visiting my blog ^,^

  5. Wow, I like the way you design this web... It's so beautiful.