Cheese pops for Halloween

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I've been using lots cheeses for my cute food projects lately, and here comes one more! I hope you are not tired of my cheese creations yet.
These fun cheese pops are inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas from Disney. There are only three ingredients require: Babybel Cheese, nori and black sesame seeds (optional).

This Fun finger food can be prepared ahead. The one in the picture had been sitting in my fridge in an air tight container for half a day before I had a chance to take some photos. You can also pack this into your lunch box!

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  1. great job!!! i love too!!

  2. Once again an amazing creation! I wonder if a food coloring marker would draw well on the cheese. I'm not a fan or nori, so I'll have to try that. I did just buy some of the cheese, so I'll go check it out. I do love the sesame seed nose though. It is perfect.

  3. Thank you Erin.

    To Beth, I've tried food writer, it didn't work. Paint brush + food coloring might be an option. Thank you for coming back ^,^

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  5. Wow, I love these fantastic cheese pop. Are you interested to participate my October's Halloween Party? See the event link here

    What you need to do is just link it in your blog. Hope to see your entry soon :)

  6. Just dicovered your site recently and absolutely love it! Lots of good stuff! Just posted these cute Jack pops on our Fun Finds Friday....

  7. I'm not tired of your cheese posts!! I'm just amazed at how many creative ideas you are able to come up with for the babybels! Love this cute guy!!

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  9. AWESOME!!!!Thank YOU!! Perfect party food for Halloween!!:)

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