Say Hi To The Apple Monster!

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Say cheese......
This apple monster idea I got from Family Fun is definitely a fun and healthy snack your kids will love.
You need: apple, slivered almonds, toothpicks, mini marshmallows and some green cookie icing.

You can get 4 monsters out of one apple.

Put the smaller wedge in your mouth then eat it!
You may toast the almonds first if you want.

 Break each pieces of almond in half, then stick them in place for teeth.

Add eyes

 Tip: leaving apple in salt water for a few seconds will keep it from browning!

Oct 12, 2011 update:
If you or your kids are allergic to nuts, here is another option: apple vampire

The teeth were cut out from McDonalds straw.
Isn't it a fun and healthy little treat to send to school? Just don't forget to remind the kids to pull out vampire's teeth before eating!

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  1. so THis is what you're doing all day :)

    looks GREAT!!!
    - Devon

  2. Aaron is in full day school now. I have to find something to do to keep myself away from going shopping :D

  3. I LOVE Family Fun magazine. So many great ideas.

  4. Hi! i found your blog thru debra's hapa bento. You are very creative! Halloween is just a few days away and I've only made 1 halloween bento. boo...

  5. To Sonoma Bento, I love that magazine too! not only for the food, but also other fun ideas.7

    To Mrs. P, thank you so much for the comment. I love making bento, especially Halloween bento! I love everything about Halloween. BOO ~~~

  6. what did you use as the green for the monster eyes? Such a cute idea!

  7. Thank you Jetta.
    I used green cookie icing and sprinkles (the kind people put on cupcakes). I think it looks good with only a bit green icing.

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  9. Thank you so much for inviting ^.^

  10. Wow..nice job, Tiffany!! The apple monster is so real. Love this!!!

  11. hehe...thank you so much and happy Halloween:D

  12. Hi Tiffany!
    Your apple monster rocks!
    I made these for my son's kindie class, but he's allergic to nuts.
    So I used Jicama for the teeth instead of almonds.
    It looked just as cute.

  13. Jicama? What a good idea! I put your idea on the post so that everyone can see it. Thank you so much for sharing ^^

  14. yesterday I tried this apple monster and my son of 32 months love it very much! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Fantastic idea! Was looking for a healthy Halloween snack for my daughter's preschool, with several kids allergic to nuts. You just saved my sanity, lol.

  16. Thank you Giraffens kaos ^,^

    Dear anonymous friend:
    Thank you so much for the comment. So glad I saved your sanity! lol :D

  17. I used the apple vamps at my Halloween party. My son is allergic to nuts so everything had to be made from scratch. Instead of the straws, I used pretzel sticks. They stick into the apple and hold in place. I just cut the stick half way on the exposed area and shaped into fangs. They were a big hit!

  18. ^,^ I'm so happy for you. It must be fun party.
    I'm sure there are lots moms who are looking for nuts free recipes. Thank you so much for sharing your idea with us.
    Happy Halloween

  19. Thanks for the ideas I have to brind a fruit to my daughters halloween party at school on Monday and wanted to do something creative without nuts as well. I am going to try the apple moster with the stick pretzels. You think is will work? If not do you have other ideas that you can instead of the straws or nuts?

  20. It,s been 2 days since I saw your message, but I still can't think of anything that can replace nuts or straws. So sorry ;(

  21. mini marshmallows cut into fangs or teeth work well!

  22. how could you make the marshmallows stay in place?

  23. The marshmallows will stay on the toothpicks. No problem!

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  26. apple monster hahaha again nice idea for you

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