Monday, September 10, 2012

27 Halloween "Finger Food" Ideas

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What's the must have on your Halloween party menu? Finger foods! Not any finger food. You need finger looking food!

How about finger pizzas as appetizer?

To make this fun dish.
First, make a cheese pizza

While waiting for the pizza to be done, cut red pepper into nail shape pieces

Cut the cheese pizza into strips

Place red pepper on the pizza strips in place for nails to create fingers

Or some toes ^,^

Also check out these "finger foods" I found:

- Broken finger cookies from Food Network Canada

- Carrot fingers from FamilyFun

- Chicken strip fingers from
ummm... delicious!
 - Candy pretzel mold from Wilton

- Witch finger peppers From Susi's Kochen Und Backen Adventures

- Finger shrimps and other spooky Halloween food ideas from Cute Food For Kids

- Halloween pie from Apple & Thyme

- Monkey nuts with jelly bean fingers via

- Ladies' fingers and men's toes recipe from Martha Stewart

- Banana fingers from Mystery Lovers' Kitchen

- Almond cookie fingers from Maiapapaya

- Cheddar witch's fingers from My Recipes

- Witch finger sandwiches recipe from Pillsbury on Flickr

- Vegan witch finger!
Get the recipe from Novel Eats

- Ham fingers from Super Healthy Kids

- Werewolf furry finger cookies from Wilton via

- One more witch's finger cookies! This one is from Annie's Eats

- Hot dog fingers from Arnold Zwicky's Blog

- Bread stick monster fingers from iCookbook

- Cheesy finger food from Heartbreak Recovery Kitchen

- Cheese string fingers from FamilyFun
What a fun, healthy and simple Halloween recipe!

- Finger sandwiches from
Another simple recipe!

- Finger cupcake topper made from marzipan from Pink Little Cake
They look so real!

- Finger cookie pan from Wilton

- Halloween chicken fingers from Savvy Mom

- Learn how to make sausage finger with Retox
Halloween breakfast?

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  1. These are awesome! I LOVE your pizza cute (or should i say gross):) We just made fingers a week ago and I will share in the next couple of weeks. My boys just love this stuff!

  2. I guess boys love this kind of gross food! My son and his friends finished all the finger pizzas I made in a few minutes!
    Thank you so much for dropping by. Can't wait to see what kind of fingers you got ^,^

  3. wowwwwwww that's great!
    thanks for share!

  4. These are amazing and slightly gross ideas (the hot dogs with nails lol) ideas. Thanks for all your hard work!~

  5. Wow I can't believe how many different ways you can make fingers for Halloween!!! This is great :)

  6. Wow that's awesome!:) Great ideas and so many ways to taste some ugly fingers lol My daughter will love them all for sure!:)))

  7. love halloween, love pizza, love red pepper... love you!!!!



  8. Awesome...thanks for the ideas.
    I want to make finger pizzas for my picky eater son. Thank you

  9. Excellent great food work for halloween. I will enjoy making them:)

  10. I love your variety of ideas. Must try.

  11. Your tips are remarkable. I regularly read your blog and its very helpful.

  12. Awesome, except for the hotdogs; they actually suggest to use Lee Press on Nails; not a good idea to feed to kids

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