Healthy Halloween Snack: Cheese Eyeballs

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Babybel cheese is one of the most used ingredient on this blog. I had turned the Babybels into something cute such as ladybug, umbrellas, pokeballsSanta and Angry bird. This time, I turned these mini cheese wheels into something spooky..... eyeballs

- Remove the wax cover
- Use gel food coloring to draw the blood vessels

- Cut olive into thin slices
- Dry the olive with paper towel

- Place olive slice on the cheese

- Fill the centre of the olive with ketchup

- Enjoy the eyeballs!

PS, these cheese eyeballs can be prepared a day ahead of time.

Also, check for the round up of 35 fun and healthy Halloween food ideas HERE.

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  1. This is a great Halloween idea:) I love it:)

  2. Great idea. These may make their way onto our zombie buffet this year!

  3. aaaaaw!!!! love cheese!!! love love love (x1500) Cheese Eyeballs !!!



  4. Thank you so much. No, I am a housewife.

  5. These are really beautiful
    Great idea with beautiful result

  6. bought the ingredients for these today! fun and spooky!

  7. These are very beautiful.I love it.Basically its colors and designs are really nice.

  8. It looks scary at the first sight but it indeed a great idea! I love it!

  9. Hi,

    I'm doing a round-up on Disney Baby of healthy Halloween snacks and treats. Would you mind if I included yours? I'd use one photo with credit and link back to your site for the full recipe. Let me know if you'd be okay with that.

    Thanks so much!

  10. Please feel free to do so. Thank you ^,^

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