Saturday, April 30, 2011

Babybel Cheese Pokeball + 8 Edible Pokeball Ideas

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Looking for a fun and easy party appetizer or snack idea for boys? This Babybel Pokeball is what you are looking for! It's easy to make, it's healthy , and I guarantee all the boys in your party will love this.

First, cut the paper with scissors and hole puncher.

Cut the wax cover with knife and MacDonald straw.

Finally, use a little piece of tape to hold the paper and Babybel together.

Tada.... a healthy treat for the little Pokemon fans!

- It would be easier to cut the wax if the Babybel has been sitting in room temperature for 5- 10 minutes
- It can be prepared ahead!
My Babybell Pokeballs still look the same after sitting in the fridge for one day!

In case you don't like Babybel cheese, here are some more edible Pokeball ideas:

- Pokeball cupcakes from Animated Cupcakes

- Pokemon bento from Scorchie-Coro
- Pokecake from Pat A Cake Parties

- Pokeball pizza via Geekologie.

I'm so going to make this one!
- Pokeball cookies from Amy Gonzalez via Cakecentral
- Pokeapple from Benzirae

- Pokeball cake from

- Rice Pokeball with tomato sauce from CreatiVegan

- Finally, a Pokeball lunch box. Isn't it cute? I already got a set ^,^
 From J-List

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  1. You are amazing! This looks so simple, yet I would not have thought of it in a million years. Ah, make that a gazillion. Whow!

  2. You do? you gotta try this. It's so easy! Thank you for coming abck btw :D

  3. AWW! That is sooooo cute! Gotta eat them all! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  4. My daughter is a huge Pokemon fan. I love what you did with the cheeses and the other ideas you showcased are wonderful as well!

  5. your blog is fantastic!
    bon week end
    sophie * ** *

  6. Hi Jenn and SoLove Ly, thank you both!

  7. My sister was just telling me about how much her kids love pokeman. I have to forward this post to her.

    Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday.
    : )

  8. All the 'boys'? Why, that's not sexist at all! FIY, girls like Pokemon as well.

  9. I guess you are right!

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