48 Edible Ghost Craft ideas for Halloween

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Check out these ghost recipes. From breakfast to snack to dinner; from drink to dessert. Which ghosts are invited to your Halloween party?

- Chocolate dipped strawberry ghosts from Taste of Home via 41 cutest Halloween recipes on Cute Food For Kids

- Chocolate ghosts on sticks and cupcakes from Cute Food For Kids

- Ghost Meringue Cookies from The Secret Life of a Chef's Wife and The Kitchen Magpie

- Glow in the dark cupcake ghosts from Recipe Snobs
Perfect for Halloween party!

- Rice ball ghost from Cute Food For Kids
With step by step tutorial.

- Cookie ghosts from Happy Birdycake

- Sunny side up ghost via Daily Fork
Haha.... what a funny Halloween breakfast idea!

- Cupcake with fondant ghost from family.go.com

- Hard boiled egg ghost from The Gourmet Mama

- Haunted house sandwich and other Halloween sandwich ideas from Cute Food For Kids

- Marshmallow ghosts from The Deorated Cookie
So cute so simple!

- Marshmallow ghost from Celebrations

- A ghostly glass of milk from Sheek Shindig
Another easy idea!

- Ghost poop (with free printable lable) from Can't Stop Making Things. Via 27 Halloween treap bag ideas 

- Oreo Truffle cake ghost recipe from Bubble and Sweet

- Pretzels and chocolate ghosts from The Epoch Times
Love sweet and salty treats!

- Ghost sandwich in a lunch box from Cookie Cutter Lunch

- A ghost in your coffee?!
From Daveybot

- Nutter Butter ghosts from Tablespoon and Taste of Home

- Pull apart ghost cupcake from KennedyKrazie via Cakecentral
A creative idea!

- Ghost pancakes from Gourmet Mom on the Go via 41 cutest Halloween recipes on Cute Food For Kids

- Ghost Halloween goodie bags from Be Different act Normal

- Ghost in Jello from Modern Parents Messy Kids

- Whipped cream ghost on pudding from Crazy Adventure in Parenting

- Buy candy apple ghosts here

- Breakfast ghost from Cute Food For Kids

- Egg roll wrapper ghosts from Hungry Happening

- Grave yard ghost cupcakes from Love from the Oven

- Ghost cake pops from These Peas are Hollow

- Ghostly vanilla pudding from Kraft Foods

- Free ghost to a good home from Better Homes and Gardens.  Via 27 Halloween treap bag ideas on Cute Food For Kids

- Cheese ghost on pasta from Healthy and Slow Cooking

- Ghost cake from Ease Coast Cookies

- Chocolate coated and shredded coconut coated  banana ghosts from Celebrations and Nugget Market. Which one do you prefer?

- Mashed potato ghost from The Sister's Cafe'
Love this idea!

- Coconut rice krispie ghosts and chocolate coated ghosts from ricekrispies.com and The Idea Room

- Ghost popsicles from prototype_kitty on Flickr

- Grilled cheese ghost and 6 more easy Halloween recipes from Cute Food For Kids

- Ghost cheesecake from Tonya Staab

- Ghost peeps from marshmallowpeeps.com

- Ghost on pizza from My Recipes via 41 cutest Halloween recipe on Cute Food For Kids

- Snow ghost pie from Poppyseeds and Tiger Lilies

- Glow in the dark jello ghosts from Diamonds for Dessert

- Pear ghost from Taste of Home
too cute!

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  1. Excellent compilation! Very exciting!

  2. so many cute ideas, thanks Tiffany

  3. I really like the creative ghost pancakes and ghost Popsicles.

  4. What a wonderful ideas.
    Ghost sandwich in a lunch box is my favorite

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  6. Thank you for sharing my easy Army of Ghost Oreo Truffles :)

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  8. Bellissimo questo blog! Fantastico! Ho preso qualche idea! E mio preferito. Ciao!

  9. My kids and I also made cupcake ghosts last Halloween party. My friends from the new parents support group nyc recommended this idea to me, good thing it worked for my kids!

  10. These edible ghost craft ideas are perfect for the Halloween; my kids would definitely love this one as their treat. This is worth a try for the Halloween season, by that time I can already buy new oven and it’s a perfect timing to bake!

  11. I like the way they design the desserts for halloween. It give a better idea on how to make treats for my children.

  12. very inspiring

    thanx for sharing

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