Monday, September 5, 2011

Easy Halloween Recipe: Ghost~~~

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Boo ~~~
Too early to say that? Ha, I can't wait for the Halloween season.... My favorite time of the year! This simple tortilla ghost is my first cute food project fot this Halloween. Hope you like it!

Ingredients: tortilla, Nutella
Tool: scissors

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  1. So cute! You already started to give us some cute ideas for Halloween. Thanks for sharing this! (^.^)

  2. Dear Amelia and Lia, thank you so much for coming back and the comments.

  3. I love your food creatures cos they have emotions. The Ghost looks frustrated complaining "I see nobody to say BOO.."

  4. Hello! It’s fun to meet fellow bloggers. I’m following you now. You have interesting posts here and I want to read more from you! Please follow me back on these links if you have time.,, Thanks! I highly appreciate the favor. God bless you!

  5. Lol.... Hi Selena, thank you for that funny comment!

    Hi ronadelle, thank you so much. I just visited all 3 of your blogs, and Wow... 3 totally different blogs! That's impressive. I like the movie review one the most!
    Happy blogging ^,^

  6. Cute! This could easily be remade for Easter as well..with just a little bit more cutting it could be an egg. ^^ I love this site!

  7. Oh it's time for Halloween then!:) Cute ghost! You are amazing! I'm waiting for more! My daughter just loves Halloween:))) Greetings!:)

  8. To Aiko, I love love love that idea. Have to remember this for the next Easter! Thank you!

    To Marzena, It's nice to see you back, and thank you so much for the comment.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blogs! I really love this blog too. I'm gaining lots of cute ideas. I always thought that presenting food beautifully is hard but reading here made it all easy!



  10. thank you delle!
    Happy Halloween ^^

  11. I am a nanny and the 3 1/2 year old little boy I care for LOVES monsters and ghosts. I can't tell u how many of ur ideas (scary stuff and other fun ideas) I have pinned. Thanks so much from both of us. And PLEASE keep all the cute ideas coming. :)

  12. Thank you so much for the sweet comment ^,^

  13. You are a really good parent for your kids!

  14. Sorry bad english .. THanks for this website. I can try various cute recipes for my son. and all of ur elegant ideas looks yummy. looking forward :)

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