41 Cutest Halloween Food Ideas

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For people who didn't like my last post, let me make it up to you! Check out these super cute Halloween recipes:

- Skeleton cupcake from My Recipe
The cuttest Halloween theme cupcake!

- Marshmallow +  pretzel = skeleton! From Woman's Day
What a super creative idea!

- Gingerbread skeleton from Family Fun

- I made these gingerbread men for the last Christmas
- Spider lollipop from Party Frosting.
How simple, how clever! I'm so making this for my son's class.

- Spider cookies from Super Stock

- Spider cupcake from Bright Ideas
So cute!
- "Boo" spaghetti from Jeanne Benedict
A simple and effective idea!

- Marshmallow and chocolate ghosts on sticks or cupcakes from Cute Food For Kids
(There is also an easier option!)
- Cheese ghost from Susan Yuen

- Ghost Cookies from Food Network
Funniest Halloween cookie ...... LOL

- Marshmallow Zombie from The Decorated Cookie
Aren't they the cuttest zombies you have ever seen?

- Ghost Pizza from All recipes
- Strawberry Ghost from Tast of Home

- One more strawberry ghost! This one is from Little Ant Design
- Pancake ghost from Gourmet Mom On The Go
What a fun and simple breakfast idea for Halloween!
- Owl smore from Living Locurto
Grand cracker +marshmallow +chocolate melt +candy cone= a super cute owl! Clever!

- Here is another super cute one! This cupcake owl is from A Little Sussy

- Awwww..... how cute!
It's from Animated Cupcakes on Flickr
- A paper bet chocolate bar cover from Skip To My Lou

- Wicked witch Cupcakes from Martha Stewart

- Witch hats from Better Homes and Gardens

- Witch sandwich from Ziggity Zoom

- Witch's broom from Pebbles In My Pocket
Love this super simple Halloween treat!
- Mummy sandwich from Cute Food For Kids
I made this last year. It's easy!

- Mummy Chocolate Bar from The Idea Room

- Mummy Juice Box from Parents

- Ghost Onigiri from Cute Food For Kids

Step by step teaching you how to make a rice ball!
- Ghost in the graveyard from trenton.k12.nj.us

- Banana ghost from Family Fun

- Boo- Nilla shake recipe from Martha Stewart

- Nutter Butter ghost from The Hob- bee Hive

- Meringue ghost from Joy Of Baking
haha... so cute!

- Who says gingerbread house is only for X'mas. Check out these haunted gingerbread house! How fun!
The image was found on Stock Food

- From Cheftools.com

- A fancy one from jybikerboy on Flickr

- This one is for sale! It will cost you $179.00
It's time to start a new career....... selling gingerbread house on Ebay!
- Cream cheese  Frankenstein  from Moms In A Blog

- Frankenstein Oreo pops from The Idea Room
 Awww..... the cutest girl is holding the cutest cookie pops!

- Candy corn cookie from Fondant.com on Flickr
Hahaha...so funny!

- A sandwich to die for!

The idea of this sandwich is creepy, but I think it looks very cute! Would you pack this into your lunch box?
From Cute Food For Kids

- My first creation for this Halloween: Breakfast Ghost

Have you decided which recipe you want to try after checking out these cutest Halloween food idea and those super creepy recipes from my last post?

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  1. Definitely prefere the cute ones:)

  2. OMG, they are all so cute and creative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. D'awww, all sooo cute; I love those ideas ^0^

  4. These are so cool! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. soooo adorable! Can't wait for Halloween now!

  6. Those breads, cookies and candies are truly a wonderful work of creativity. You've got a pandora's box of brilliant ideas.

  7. Thank you all for the comments. I hope you can find something you like here.
    I checked my blog's stats earlier..... I found people do like cute recipes much more then creepy ones!

  8. I LOVE your blog. Every time I see a new post I get excited about all the ideas I will get for my son's lunches. Great Halloween post.

  9. Oh my goodness...I just found your site, thanks to Tip Junkie! LOVE it! I've been busy pinning lots of the idea! I LOVE doing fun foods for my little guys and post some fun ideas on my site too! I'm now following via GFC & twitter! :)

  10. I love the marshmellows! too cute!

  11. Thank you everyone. i'm so glad to know you like this roundup!

  12. I love your blog and the great ideas!!! I blogged about it here. http://afewextraminutes.blogspot.com/2011/09/owl-cupcakes.html

  13. Hello !! I have been following your blog for so long now... I love it !!!! All of your ideas are absolutely great, even the ones which sometimes create big discussions ^^ ! Your halloween ideas are very good... I was wondering, I would like to make a Halloween party this year, with my friends (I used to celebrate Halloween when I was younger, I really miss it now, this is why I would like to make this party), and I wanted to know if I can use a few ideas of your blog for my meal !! Of course if I post pictures of the food on my bento blog, I would definitely put a link of yours on the article !! Is it ok with you ?? : ) Big hug, and keep on the good work !!! Kelyrin

  14. Hi Kelyrin,
    Yes, of course, please feel free to do so.
    Thank you so much for the comment, and wish you have a super fun Halloween party!

  15. I love it!!! WOW

  16. Great idea!! Do you mind to link this post to my Halloween Event @ http://hankerie.blogspot.com/2011/10/event-october-halloween-party.html

  17. Thank you so much hankerie ^,^

  18. I love all these ideas, thanks for posting. I'm a new follower!


  19. Hi Kath, thank you so much for the comment, and welcome to Cute Food For Kids!

  20. Thee are so very cute and adorable. Can't believe they're edible!

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE the spider cupcakes. We made them for our pumpkin carving party. They are here along with the rest of the spooky food.

    I have really used the stuff on your site for quite a few different events. Thanks so much for all the great ideas you collect and create.

  22. i have a class in high school where i have to go and help teach a preschool class. these are some great ideas for the little kids! thanks :D

  23. wow your amazing great job keep up the good work

  24. These are so cute and i really like the nutter butter ghosts!!! :D I cant wait to make them!! :D :)

  25. These ideas are so great. I have shared you website with our Kids Cooking Company Facebook Fans. xxTKCC

  26. Awesome, they are cute. Thanks for the ideas.

  27. Wow all of those ideas are fab! Maybe I will try to make some.

  28. These are some creative food ideas to feed fussy eaters on the Halloween day. We can also try them in our day today lives, to feed our kids.


  30. I Love the gingerbread with the broken legs. haha so cute!

  31. I love all these Halloween food ideas, they are so unique. They would be great for a party and maybe I will try some of these this year. Since Halloween is quickly approach, my family have been try to figure out stuff to make for our party and also some fun things to do. I really have to share these ideas with them because they are perfect. I like to take my two sons to either a haunted house or haunted hayride because they love the scary characters. We usually visit Haunted Hayrides in NJ because they are always so realistic.

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