41 Cutest Halloween Food Ideas

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For people who didn't like my last post, let me make it up to you! Check out these super cute Halloween recipes:

- Skeleton cupcake from My Recipe
The cuttest Halloween theme cupcake!

- Marshmallow +  pretzel = skeleton! From Woman's Day
What a super creative idea!

- Gingerbread skeleton from Family Fun

- I made these gingerbread men for the last Christmas
- Spider lollipop from Party Frosting.
How simple, how clever! I'm so making this for my son's class.

- Spider cookies from Super Stock

- Spider cupcake from Bright Ideas
So cute!
- "Boo" spaghetti from Jeanne Benedict
A simple and effective idea!

- Marshmallow and chocolate ghosts on sticks or cupcakes from Cute Food For Kids
(There is also an easier option!)
- Cheese ghost from Susan Yuen

- Ghost Cookies from Food Network
Funniest Halloween cookie ...... LOL

- Marshmallow Zombie from The Decorated Cookie
Aren't they the cuttest zombies you have ever seen?

- Ghost Pizza from All recipes
- Strawberry Ghost from Tast of Home

- One more strawberry ghost! This one is from Little Ant Design
- Pancake ghost from Gourmet Mom On The Go
What a fun and simple breakfast idea for Halloween!
- Owl smore from Living Locurto
Grand cracker +marshmallow +chocolate melt +candy cone= a super cute owl! Clever!

- Here is another super cute one! This cupcake owl is from A Little Sussy

- Awwww..... how cute!
It's from Animated Cupcakes on Flickr
- A paper bet chocolate bar cover from Skip To My Lou

- Wicked witch Cupcakes from Martha Stewart

- Witch hats from Better Homes and Gardens

- Witch sandwich from Ziggity Zoom

- Witch's broom from Pebbles In My Pocket
Love this super simple Halloween treat!
- Mummy sandwich from Cute Food For Kids
I made this last year. It's easy!

- Mummy Chocolate Bar from The Idea Room

- Mummy Juice Box from Parents

- Ghost Onigiri from Cute Food For Kids

Step by step teaching you how to make a rice ball!
- Ghost in the graveyard from trenton.k12.nj.us

- Banana ghost from Family Fun

- Boo- Nilla shake recipe from Martha Stewart

- Nutter Butter ghost from The Hob- bee Hive

- Meringue ghost from Joy Of Baking
haha... so cute!

- Who says gingerbread house is only for X'mas. Check out these haunted gingerbread house! How fun!
The image was found on Stock Food

- From Cheftools.com

- A fancy one from jybikerboy on Flickr

- This one is for sale! It will cost you $179.00
It's time to start a new career....... selling gingerbread house on Ebay!
- Cream cheese  Frankenstein  from Moms In A Blog

- Frankenstein Oreo pops from The Idea Room
 Awww..... the cutest girl is holding the cutest cookie pops!

- Candy corn cookie from Fondant.com on Flickr
Hahaha...so funny!

- A sandwich to die for!

The idea of this sandwich is creepy, but I think it looks very cute! Would you pack this into your lunch box?
From Cute Food For Kids

- My first creation for this Halloween: Breakfast Ghost

Have you decided which recipe you want to try after checking out these cutest Halloween food idea and those super creepy recipes from my last post?

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