Halloween Sandwiche Ideas For Kids

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Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. I like everything about it. The decoration, candy, costumes and the food.....of course!
I started to decorate my house since the beginning of this month, and my 5 years old son has been bring halloween theme lunches and snacks to school.

Here is an example.

It's a ham sandwich cut out from a pumpkin cookie cutter.
The eyes and mouth are made by seaweed( nori) and process cheese. First, I use scissors to cut the seaweed into the shapes I need, and placed the seaweed on a slice of cheese. Then, I used a little knife to cut them out. Finally, I use a little bit of cream cheese( or mayo) as glue to stick them on the sandwich.
The bone shape food picks are some little extras to make the lunch spookier :D

Here are two more halloween sandwiches that's made from bread, seaweed and cheese.

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  1. =(^.^)= Your ideas are SO adorable... They remind me of my mom... she'd always leave us little notes or drawings in our lunches.


  3. To Misstress, glad I help and thank you so much!

    To the anoymous friend, thank you for the comment, and you just remind me that I can leave notes in my son's lunch boxes too! thanks again :)

  4. hello.
    I believe this is your first post.

    I just descovered your blog and I like it so much! I also like to play with food, so your blog is an inspiration for me.:)

    if you have time, come to see my pictures of funny lunches [ that's how I call them :) ]:


    I intend to see all your pictures and try some of your ideas, I let you know how it went.:)

  5. the ghosts are very funny, I like them most.:)

  6. Hi, my first time here......loved your innovative ideas. Actually, I saw this pic on a Facebook page where the page owner had posted this pic as hers http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=258466424184791&set=a.258294410868659.67296.232394020125365&type=1&theater When I googled the image I found your blog. There are many other pics of yours on the page......just thought of letting you know.


  7. Hi Sadaf, thank you so much for notifying the situation. Sigh.....this kind of things happen all the time, and I really don't understand why would people do that. I don't charge people when they use my photos on their PERSONAL blog as long as they link their readers back to my blog. Actually, I'm happy when people to so.
    Anyway, thanks again, and wish you have a nice weekend ^,^

  8. I love those little bone food picks! If you don't mind me asking, where do you get such cute little picks? (I saw another post where you had some really cute Halloween ones too.. think it was the spider) I've searched eBay and Amazon but nothing quite so cute :)

    Thank you for the lunch ideas! I just started the whole "bento" lunch thing this year and I guess my 8-yr old thinks he's too cool for this kind of thing but I think the Halloween themed ones may win him over! :)

  9. Hi Cathy,
    http://www.cutefoodforkids.com/2011/06/healthy-snack-idea-apple-umbrella.html Please check out this post. You can find the info of those bone picks you are looking for. Some picks I use on this blog are not food picks. They are cupcake toppers. You can for sure find them on eBay or any bakery supply shops.
    My son just turned 6, and he already refuses to use all the cute bento gears i've got. Sigh....... He still like the Halloween theme stuff though ^,^
    anyway, welcome to the bento world, and wish you happy bentoing!

  10. Oh no! Only 6?! Well, maybe I will have at least 4 more years with my 2yr old daughter! :) Thanks for the info! This is fast becoming an obsession! hehe

  11. I'm sure you will have more then 4 years! I'm 30 something, and I still love all the cute stuff ;p
    Watch out! Collecting bento gear is highly addictive!

  12. Actually all are nice creation and good ideas !
    I think we can feed our kids using this kind of trick foods :)

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