Halloween Sandwiche Ideas For Kids

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Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. I like everything about it. The decoration, candy, costumes and the food.....of course!
I started to decorate my house since the beginning of this month, and my 5 years old son has been bring halloween theme lunches and snacks to school.

Here is an example.

It's a ham sandwich cut out from a pumpkin cookie cutter.
The eyes and mouth are made by seaweed( nori) and process cheese. First, I use scissors to cut the seaweed into the shapes I need, and placed the seaweed on a slice of cheese. Then, I used a little knife to cut them out. Finally, I use a little bit of cream cheese( or mayo) as glue to stick them on the sandwich.
The bone shape food picks are some little extras to make the lunch spookier :D

Here are two more halloween sandwiches that's made from bread, seaweed and cheese.

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