Chocolate Bugs for Halloween or Bug Theme Party

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Chocolate bugs are easy and fun to make, and you can use them to decorate almost any kind of dessert. You can easily turn a cupcake, pudding, cookie, rice krispie square.... into a fun Halloween treat by place a bug on it!

How to make chocolate bugs:

- Microwave chocolate chips at half power for 40 seconds.

- Stir
- Microwave for another 40 seconds
- Stir until smooth

- Pour melted chocolate into a piping bag or freezer bags

- Tie up the bag, and cup a small opening

- Draw bugs on wax paper.
- Add candy eyes on the bugs (optional)

Use these chocolate bugs to decorate the dessert of your choice

Chocolate spider on vanilla pudding

Chocolate beetles

I also make some bugs with candy melts


Chocolate chips and candy melts are both very easy to work with. However, there are some big differences between them.
- They taste different. In my opinion, chocolate chips taste much better.
- Chocolate takes much longer to set. It took a few hours for my chocolate bug to set while my candy melt bugs were set in only 10 minutes.
- Candy melts are much harder. If you are creating something with small details, you better use candy melts.

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  1. Those are amazing. I love them. So perfect for Halloween or a themed birthday party.

  2. Cute idea. Although, the red eyes kinda creep me out! :o)

  3. These are sososo cute! I could never draw them out like you! Toooooo adorable. ♥

    Loren, Lasting Impressions

  4. I can see I'm gonna have to try my hand at these. Thanks for the tip on chips vs. candy melts. Would chips set faster if I stuck them on a cookie sheet and set them outside? We're getting down around freezing now. Or would that make them get funky stripes in the color? OK, now I DEFINITELY have to try it - thanks!

  5. Candy melts set really fast. The first bug was set even before I finished drawing the last one. I keep my bugs in a container and leaves the box on the counter top.

  6. These are so cute. I can't wait to try them. Thanks for the info on chips and melts. Motheroverkill

  7. Awesome tutorial!! Sounds quite easy to do. Can't wait to try it out.

  8. Bugs freak me out, but these are super adorable. I love the addition of the eyes. So cute.

  9. My kids would love to eat those yummmy chocolate bugs.
    Nice tutorial.

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