48 Edible Ghost Craft ideas for Halloween

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Check out these ghost recipes. From breakfast to snack to dinner; from drink to dessert. Which ghosts are invited to your Halloween party?

- Chocolate dipped strawberry ghosts from Taste of Home via 41 cutest Halloween recipes on Cute Food For Kids

- Chocolate ghosts on sticks and cupcakes from Cute Food For Kids

- Ghost Meringue Cookies from The Secret Life of a Chef's Wife and The Kitchen Magpie

- Glow in the dark cupcake ghosts from Recipe Snobs
Perfect for Halloween party!

- Rice ball ghost from Cute Food For Kids
With step by step tutorial.

- Cookie ghosts from Happy Birdycake

- Sunny side up ghost via Daily Fork
Haha.... what a funny Halloween breakfast idea!

- Cupcake with fondant ghost from family.go.com

- Hard boiled egg ghost from The Gourmet Mama

- Haunted house sandwich and other Halloween sandwich ideas from Cute Food For Kids

- Marshmallow ghosts from The Deorated Cookie
So cute so simple!

- Marshmallow ghost from Celebrations

- A ghostly glass of milk from Sheek Shindig
Another easy idea!

- Ghost poop (with free printable lable) from Can't Stop Making Things. Via 27 Halloween treap bag ideas 

- Oreo Truffle cake ghost recipe from Bubble and Sweet

- Pretzels and chocolate ghosts from The Epoch Times
Love sweet and salty treats!

- Ghost sandwich in a lunch box from Cookie Cutter Lunch

- A ghost in your coffee?!
From Daveybot

- Nutter Butter ghosts from Tablespoon and Taste of Home

- Pull apart ghost cupcake from KennedyKrazie via Cakecentral
A creative idea!

- Ghost pancakes from Gourmet Mom on the Go via 41 cutest Halloween recipes on Cute Food For Kids

- Ghost Halloween goodie bags from Be Different act Normal

- Ghost in Jello from Modern Parents Messy Kids

- Whipped cream ghost on pudding from Crazy Adventure in Parenting

- Buy candy apple ghosts here

- Breakfast ghost from Cute Food For Kids

- Egg roll wrapper ghosts from Hungry Happening

- Grave yard ghost cupcakes from Love from the Oven

- Ghost cake pops from These Peas are Hollow

- Ghostly vanilla pudding from Kraft Foods

- Free ghost to a good home from Better Homes and Gardens.  Via 27 Halloween treap bag ideas on Cute Food For Kids

- Cheese ghost on pasta from Healthy and Slow Cooking

- Ghost cake from Ease Coast Cookies

- Chocolate coated and shredded coconut coated  banana ghosts from Celebrations and Nugget Market. Which one do you prefer?

- Mashed potato ghost from The Sister's Cafe'
Love this idea!

- Coconut rice krispie ghosts and chocolate coated ghosts from ricekrispies.com and The Idea Room

- Ghost popsicles from prototype_kitty on Flickr

- Grilled cheese ghost and 6 more easy Halloween recipes from Cute Food For Kids

- Ghost cheesecake from Tonya Staab

- Ghost peeps from marshmallowpeeps.com

- Ghost on pizza from My Recipes via 41 cutest Halloween recipe on Cute Food For Kids

- Snow ghost pie from Poppyseeds and Tiger Lilies

- Glow in the dark jello ghosts from Diamonds for Dessert

- Pear ghost from Taste of Home
too cute!

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