Bento (lunch box)

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What is "bento"?
" A meal is nicely arranged and packed in a box" is the easiest way to explain this Japanese word.
Here are some examples:
- 3 Halloween Sandwich Bentos
- 4 Apple Snack Bentos
- A Bear....Look From Behind
- Coffin Sandwich
- Easy Lunch Boxes
- Eyeball Bento
- Fun Ways to Wrap Sandwich and Burger
- Ghost Onigiri Bento
- Little Handyman Bento
- Little Skull Bento
- Reindeer Bento Lunch
- Sandwich House Lunch
- Santa Bento
- The Mummy Bento
- There Is A Monster In My Lunch Box
- Turkey Sandwich Bento
- X'mas Theme Bentos 2010

You can find your bento supplies here:

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