X'mas Theme Bentos 2010

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There are so many creative moms who pack cute lunches for their kids everyday. I really admire their creativities and their patients.
Check out these interesting Christmas theme bentos.

From Lia Chen

From Sherimiya
From Ah 4
 From ABQ Bento Mama
From Susan Yuen
From Stephanie
From My Meal Box
From Tata
From Bento Mania
From myself ...in case you haven't seen it yet.
It's also the simplest one. Hee hee....I just can't get up early enough to pack facny school lunch for my son >.<
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  1. i prefer a simpler style! these are so great, thanks for sharing. your santa is adorable!

  2. Hi, Tiffany! Here I come :D. Really thanks for including mine, the other bentos are really cute, I love them all. Love to find your blog ^^

  3. Thank you for dropping by. Happy New Year to my blog friends ^,^

  4. That's more fancy than any lunch my parents made me as a kid!

  5. Thank you for dropping by. Hope you all like this X'mas bento collection :D

  6. Thank you for linking my bento! :) Happy New Year to you and your family!

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