Santa's Rudolph is in my lunch box!

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Here is a reindeer bento. A fun lunch to bring to school before winter vacation.
Many thanks to Shelly and Kristan from That's What She We Said for featuring this Christmas bento. Please head over to their website for details.
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  1. been following you now.... you have a very nice blog! keep posting...

  2. Thank you so much ladies!
    Merry Christmas

  3. So cute! How did you make the stars?

  4. Hi Anna, thank you fo asking. I do have a tiny star cutter to cut the carrot. If you really really want a cutter like that and couldn't find it, it is possible to make one from bubble tea straw. However, it will be strong enough to cut cooked carrot only.

  5. Baking with Rice Krispies: a family tradition (from my mom to me, to my children)