Chocolate and Marshmallow Ghosts

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My last 2 posts (pizza fingers and cheese eyeballs) might be too spooky for younger kids, so I decided to make something cuter. Something for kids of all ages!

How to make the ghost pops:
- Melt candy melts (I am sure white chocolate works too) as directed on the package.

- Pour melted candy melts in a piping bag.

- Cut a small opening on the tip of the bag

- Draw the ghosts on wax paper

- Use melted chocolate as glue to glue chocolate chips on the ghosts as eyes.

Easy candy ghosts!

If you want your ghosts to be even cuter, draw facial details on the ghosts with melted chocolate.


They could be the cutest class treat for Halloween!

They can also be used as cupcake toppers!
How do you like these cute Halloween cupcakes?

Since I had some melted chocolate left in the piping bag, I decided to try the marshmallow ghost idea I saw on The Decorated Cookie. Those marshmallow ghosts turned out pretty good!

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