29 Creepy, Spooky, Scary, Gross and Disgusting Halloween Recipes

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It's time to start thinking what to prepare for the Halloween parties! Here are some famous recipes you might have seen, some recipes from myself and lots more creative Halloween food ides that I found. Can you find something you like here?

- Meatloaf hand from Not Martha.
What do you think? yummy or yucky?
I love it!

- Creepy Jello hand from Octoberlicious

- Bloody hand punch from Chocolate Candy Mall

- Creepy Pastry Intestines from The Knead 4 Speed

- Yummy lungs from Hungry Halloween
Need some finger food for your party? Check these out!

- Witch finger cookie recipe from Peppers Pollywogs

- Pizza fingers and lots more "finger food" ideas from Cute Food For Kids
- Green fingers from John Linn

- A wave from the grave from Dessert By Candy

- A dessert rat from Hungry Halloween.

- Jello worms from The Idea Room

This is the one I don't even want to look at!
- Bloody Band aid from Katherine Marie Photography

- Dexter Blood Slide Suckers from Instructables

- Creepy Halloween cocktails from OMFG Atlanta

- Learn how to make these easy cheese eyeballs with Cute Food For Kids

- Eye ball cake pop from Ashley Russell

- My cup cake is looking at me! from Bare Foot Kitchen Witch
Sooooo spooky!
 - Eye balls in my drink!!! From Foodista

- Tofu eye balls from Maple Spice

- Brain Cupcake from Martha Stewart

- Watermellon brain from Cute Food For Kids

- Adam's ribs from Better Homes and Gardens
Too creepy or too funny?

- Brain Jello from treedore on Flickr

-Meat Head from Emergencyfan on Flickr

- A very scary cake from Sweet Sassy Cakes

- Shrunken heads in cider, also from Martha Stewart

- A fun way to serve appetizer from myfoodlooksfunny.com

- Marshmallow Q tips from Saucy Sprinkles

- Poo poo cookies from Cute Food For Kids
Yes, I made these. They are yummy!!!

- Kitty Litter Cake from Kids Kuisine

When I included this fetus cookie in my baby shower roundup post, I got lots of negative comments ^,^ I guess this cookie belongs here!

I apologize if this post gross you out. I know not everyone appreciate these kind of food. Please come back again later for cute Halloween recipes!

9/13 update: don't forget to check the "cutest Halloween recipe roundup"!

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