Fetus Cookie + Lots More Cookie Ideas for Baby Shower

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My best friend is having a baby shower next month, and I've been thinking if I should surprise ( or frighten) her with some home made fetus cookies. What do you think of this fetus cookie? funny? special? scarry? terrible idea? Would you like to have some cookies like this on your baby shower?

I got this fetus cookie cutter online. Can't really remember where, but I do remember this was one of the most expensive cookie cutter I've bought!

Ok, I know lots of you may hate the cookie I made. However, I'm sure you will all love these super cute cookies I found.

- From The Decorated Cookie
 - From Sweet Pudgy Panda
- From Ben Bakes
- From Sweetopia

- From Cancun Cookies

- From A Master Creation
- From Be A Cookie

- From Cookieartisan
- From Bake At 350

- From Cookies And Cream

- From Cookie Decorating
 - From Beau Coup
- Fronm Brown Eyed Baker

- From Sugar Envy
 - From Sugar Rush Treats
 - From I Am Baker
 - From Elizabeth
 - From Baking Land
- From Jessica Kirkland
 - From My Cookie Jar Inc.

- From The painted Cookie
 - From Songbird Sweets

- From Autumn Carpenter
- From Jennifer Sbranti

- From Munchkin Munchies

- From The Celebration Shoppe

Not cookies! I just love this idea so much. Cute, fun, easy and creative!!!
- From Creative Baby Shower Ideas

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  1. I think it's pretty disgusting and tacky. I wouldn't make them!

  2. I'm thinking creepy and alien-ish.

  3. Fetus baby... creepy!

    Ninja babies = WIN! lol

  4. Fetus cookies would be really creepy and weird. Your best friend would need to have a strange sense of humor to enjoy those - but any of the other cookies are really cute!

  5. Lol... I guess I'm the one who have a strange sense of humor. Am I really the only one who like this fetus cookie? To make it clear.... I'm not that weird! I love all the other cute cookies too!

    Thank you all for the comments, and wish you all have a nice Sunday!

    1. Name is Randall. I didn't read all the post but I'm pretty sure I'm the only male to respond to this.... I think the fetus cookie is hilarious. People can be to sensitive so if your friend or whoever will get a laugh go for it. You will have to deal with women that use words like tacky and horrible, but you aren't out to please them. If that cookie makes you tacky, I'll be tacky with you. Making that cookie doesn't make you a bad person. Pretty awesome and freespirited if you ask me. Please post more funny and great ideas like the fetus ninja and the feet. Thanks for being awesome.

  6. I don't think i would be too pleased if someone gave me fetus cookies as a gift. Ick!

  7. I think they look like an alien and are creepy.

  8. sob! those fetus cookies scare me!

  9. Hello~~ hello~~~ is there anyone out there who likes the cookie I made? No one? Sigh.........

  10. I LOVE the fetus cookie. I have a cousin that would get a KICK out of a fetus cookie! Have a sense of humor ladies. Our adorable babies started as fetuses. (:

  11. Not a fan of the fetus cookies, sorry. :) But I'm sure there are people out there who would be thrilled. I'm just not one of them!

  12. You two are so sweet. Thank you ^,^

  13. it's interesting, i think i would have had a good laugh if someone gave me those, they aren't that bad, and saying they are creepy? c'mon ladies, Cora is right our cuties start out like that and we don't think, they're creepy then.

  14. Those are kind of cute in a funny way. ^^ And I love all of those other cookies - especially the ninja, feet and the ones from Munchkin Munchies. :)

  15. Fetus cookies would be absolutely HORRIBLE!

  16. Dear Spiritrunner and AikoVenus,
    Thank you so much for letting me know that you like my cookie! I don't feel too bad now ^.^
    Hey... Don't you think this fetus cookie will be fun to serve during Halloween season?

    To the anonymous friend and all other visitors of my blog who hate this cookie,
    I promise that my next post won't be anything creepy!

  17. For some reason the fetus cookie makes me think of abortion. Maybe the famous fetus image the protesters used is to blame. It really is the only time you tend to see fetus' aside from ultrasounds so maybe thats why its not popular? Just a thought.

  18. Ok..... Now I think my cookie looks creepy :D

  19. wow.... what a great overview... tons of ideas... Now I have to go surf your friends


  20. I'm not sure how they would go over at a baby shower, but would be an amazing gift for anyone in the medical profession who deals with babies. I would imagine that if you did ultra sounds all day, you might just love these cookies.

  21. Hi Toyin and Beth, thank you so much for the comments.
    Have a nice weekend :D

  22. I dont understand what the big deal is.. its a baby regardless. I think its cute!

  23. Thank you Linlee. So happy that you like my cookie! Yippee

  24. Hi Tiffany! I know the one person who will like this cookie for sure. She is my friend Nataly. She presented me with a spider brooch, a Playboy ring, a fat fly magnet that has a very original look and other 'non-cute' things. If I have been given with the fetus cookie I would understand and laugh :)

  25. Okay, fetus cookies would be a first for me but if it's real yummy I'd eat it...haha! Have to commend you on such an unusual and novel idea. :D

  26. the creepy thing about them would be when people ATE them... lol...

  27. To Selena and mom2kiddos, thank you so much for the comments.
    Have a nice weekend ^,^

  28. The fetus cookie is hilarious! I would pee my pants if someone presented those at a shower! Then it could be a "golden" baby shower! Too dang funny! Going to find that cutter now...

  29. Lol..... Your comment is funnier than the fetus cookie!

  30. Don't think I would want to eat anything shaped like a fetus....creepy...lol

  31. I don't know what all these people are thinking...I think the Fetus cookies are great. I would have loved to have them at my baby shower. It is not creepy...it is funny! Fun is the point!

  32. Hi Mich,
    Thank you so much for the comments. It's nice to know there is one more person who think my fetus cookie is funny ;D
    Thanks again, and have a nice weekend!

  33. Personally I think fetus cookie is hilarious, and my brother and his wife called their baby "the fetus" til the day it was born.

  34. Hahaha... That's a funny way to call an unborn child! Thank you so much for the comment. So glad you like the cookie!

  35. It's different I will say that it's actually really cute though but people with a narrow mind don't like these because they may think they are eating a real fetus or something idk lol. I am sure your friend has an open mind! :)

  36. For Halloween I was preggers and my costume was a skeleton with a tiny baby skeleton printed on the shirt. I got so many compliments! My husband and I joked that it was baby's first costume. I would have loved to have the fetus cookies at my baby shower (a costume party!) Keep the original ideas coming lady!!
    Bethany in WA

  37. I know that costume! I've seen it on line. Yes, I do think it is super cute. Did other people thing so too? Haha... I though i'm the only one who have a strange sense of humor:D where did you get it?
    Congratulations On new baby!

  38. Hi myhappyschy,
    My friend didn't tell me that she hated the cookies. Heehee....maybe she did ^,^

  39. I love the fetus cookies! I am going to be doing a clinical rotation in labour and delivery soon, and I want to make these for the staff! ..and, you can bite into a cookie that has a baby face on it, but not a fetus cookie? Interesting...

  40. Lol.... I love your point of view! Thank you so much for the comment^,^

  41. I think the thought of eating a fetus cookie at a baby shower is disgusting... thinking of eating a "fetus" (cookie), still gross... now from a doctor/nurse perspective... FUN!
    The rest are super adorable, and I so would love to try them soon!
    Now, to find a pregnant friend... LOL :)

  42. Lol :D thank you so much for the hilarious comment!

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  44. Hahah, how funny, everyone thinks ok to eat baby faces and baby feet, but not fetuses? Oh well. While I'm not wild about it, I'm not against it,...

  45. :D thank you so much for the comment!

  46. Slide the eye down and paint on a smile and a heart. For my daughter's shower we made deviled eggs... with a little black bean with a tail approaching the filling... every one was devoured.

  47. Lol!!! That's one funniest shower idea ever! Have to remember this. Thank you so so much for sharing!

  48. you could use this cookie cutter and maybe icin them so they look like a sonogram ?

  49. I love the fetus cookies. What is the difference between those and eating those creepy baby head cookies? Those are horrible.

  50. I wish that one day when I have a baby, someone will love me enough to make me fetus cookies

  51. I find nothing wrong with the cookies..I have seen a birthing cake..with a doll head coming out..I was thinking what an awesome idea!! it's about celebrating life and having fun too..

  52. I would slide the eye down on the unborn baby, aka fetus, cookie. Human babies of most gestational periods have huge brains, not huge faces; by 4-6 weeks they mostly look like post-birth babies, except smaller. You have it high enough it makes it look like an alien. I see no difference between eating born baby cookies and unborn baby cookies; with the right crowd you will have lots of grins!

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