30+ spooky but not gross Halloween food ideas

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Lots people complained the Halloween food round up I posted last year was too gross. That's why I decided to do another round up: spooky but not gross Halloween food ideas! Hope you like this one.

- Glow in the dark punch for Halloween. Get the recipe from CHOW

- Easy and healthy Halloween snack from Cute Food For Kids
Ready in minutes!
- Real spooky cupcakes from Lily Vanilli
- Marshmallow/ pretzel bones from Epicurious
- Spooky pumpkin cake from Make Fabulous Cakes
- Learn how to make these vampire blood lollipops from Cut Out + Keep

- Learn how to make candy zombie hands step by step with Cute Food For Kids

- Ooey gooey cookie cake from Sweet Nothings in the kitchen 
Dairy free, gluten free!
- Vampire bite cookies from Bright Ideas
- Jello eyeballs from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

- creepy pop pie from Babble
- Zombie cake pops from Tramie's Kitchen
- Devil's cupcake from 6 Bitter Sweets

- Day of the dead cookies from Sugarbelle.
These sugar skull cookies are so pretty but kinda spooky!

- A bloody rat on cupcake from 6 Bitter Sweets
She is so creative!

- Creepy Peepers Jell-O from In Katrina's Kitchen

- The Ring bento from NoveiMC on Flickr
For tomorrow's lunch?

- Spider web sugar cookies from Annie's Eat

- Chocolate dipped strawberry rats from Kitchen Daily

- Buy a box of cookie toes from Etsy?
- Candy eye balls from Le Petit Pierogi

- Vampire bite cupcake from Parenting 

- Pretzel skeleton hand from FamilyFun
Fun for your pirate theme party too!
- Adam's candy apple from Matt Bites
Spooky ~~~

- Spider cupcake from I Am Baker
She got so many cool dessert idea! Check them out!

- Twilight vampire quesadilla from Hungry Halloween

- Creepy coconut kiwi panna cotta from Kitchen Table Scraps
That looks yummy to me ^,^

- Day of the dead cake from The Bleeding Heart Bakery

- Eye ball cookies from The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle

-Another red velvet vampire bite cupcake.
This one is from A Homemaker's Habitat
I love this photo!
- Snack cake with venom glaze from Martha Stewart
Which one is spookier? The cake or the lady?

- Snake Cake from North Star Cakes
OMG........this is the scariest Halloween food I have ever seen!!!

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