Halloween Snack Idea: Monster In My Cup!

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It's September! Time to start planning the Halloween party! I have quite a few Halloween theme food ideas ready to share with you. First, let me start with this cute, cheap and ready in minutes Halloween snack idea: monster in a cup!

To create a monster, all you need are a clear cup, marshmallow and chocolate chips.

- First, cut the marshmallow into 4 slices

- Place marshmallow slices on a cutting board (sticky side up)

- I use McDonald's straw to punch a hole on the marshmallow

- Place a chocolate chip (flat side up) in the hole

- Place marshmallow eyes on the inside of the cup

Fill the cup with the snack of your choice.

- I got a chocolate pudding monster

- Cheerio monster

- Fruit monster

PS: the filling could be anything except liquid

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