Spooky Zombie Cupcakes

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Shhhh.... listen carefully. Can you hear someone is calling "pleeeeease, pull me out"? Well, I can't hear that. All I can hear is "eat me, eat me".

This post is not about chocolate cupcakes (ok, I admit, these cupcakes came from a bakery), it's about how to create spooky chocolate hands. It's Easy! No special equipment or experience required. It's my first time working with candy melts (chocolate), and I found it's pretty easy. Give it a try! You will feel the same way.

- I used 1/4 bag of Candy melts. Ps, you can buy candy melts at Michael's, bakery supply shop, online or even Wal-Mart (not too many colors to choose there though).

- Microwave the candy at half power for 1 minutes

- Stir until smooth.
By the time you are done stirring, the candy is not hot anymore!
- Pull the melted candy melts in a sandwich bag. I'm sure decorating bag would work even better, but i didn't have any.

- Draw on wax paper

- Don't try to make it nice and smooth because it's impossible! (or maybe because I don't know how) The lumpy hands look spookier anyway!

- Remove the hands from the wax paper carefully when they are all set. (less than half an hour).
Don't worry, they are not that easy to break! I made more than 20 hands, and I didn't break anything. Not even a single finger.

- Use them to decorate cupcakes or chocolate brownies.

Guess what? Cute Food For Kids is one year old now. Hooray☺During this year, the ideas from Cute Food For Kids have been used on many magazines, and the blog has been featured on so many websites. Those were things I dreamed about when I first started this blog.
Also, I would like to thank every single one of you. Thank you so so much for the supports. Thank you for like me, tweet me, follow me, pin me, stumble me....., and thank you for all the comments. Please keep supporting this blog in the future. I promise I will try my best to bring you more cute food ideas♥
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