Babybel Cheese Pokeball + 8 Edible Pokeball Ideas

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Looking for a fun and easy party appetizer or snack idea for boys? This Babybel Pokeball is what you are looking for! It's easy to make, it's healthy , and I guarantee all the boys in your party will love this.

First, cut the paper with scissors and hole puncher.

Cut the wax cover with knife and MacDonald straw.

Finally, use a little piece of tape to hold the paper and Babybel together.

Tada.... a healthy treat for the little Pokemon fans!

- It would be easier to cut the wax if the Babybel has been sitting in room temperature for 5- 10 minutes
- It can be prepared ahead!
My Babybell Pokeballs still look the same after sitting in the fridge for one day!

In case you don't like Babybel cheese, here are some more edible Pokeball ideas:

- Pokeball cupcakes from Animated Cupcakes

- Pokemon bento from Scorchie-Coro
- Pokecake from Pat A Cake Parties

- Pokeball pizza via Geekologie.

I'm so going to make this one!
- Pokeball cookies from Amy Gonzalez via Cakecentral
- Pokeapple from Benzirae

- Pokeball cake from

- Rice Pokeball with tomato sauce from CreatiVegan

- Finally, a Pokeball lunch box. Isn't it cute? I already got a set ^,^
 From J-List

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Candy Necklace

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This marshmallow necklace is one of the easiest project on this blog, and the whole thing is edible!

To make this necklace, you need: marshmallow, Candy Lace, and a pretty candy of your choice for decoration. Don't worry if you can't find the super long licorice laces, you can still use any string you can find in the house.

- Use straw to punch a hole on the marshmallow
- cut off the part with marshmallow inside ( cut off both side if you don't mind a piece of straw stay inside the marshmallow)

- feed the string through the straw

- remove the straw

- finally, use cookie icing to glue the candy on the marshmallow.

 Here is another one

You can add some fruit loops on the necklace, you can also use food writer to draw on the marshmallow. Just use your imaginations, you can create beautiful edible necklace too!
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Easter Snack Idea: Egg Bunny

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Happy Easter everyone! Are you having a wonderful long weekend? The weather is so nice here in Vancouver.......finally!

 What you see in the picture was the afternoon snack for my son yesterday. Pretty healthy, isn't it? There is a hard boiled egg, some carrot and a bit salad dressing.
The little parts on the rabbit were cut by scissors and straws. I cut an opening on the egg to place ears; eyes, nose and mouth were just placed on the egg ( no "glue" required).

Tips of making easy to peel hard boiled egg:
- Use older eggs!
- Place eggs and some salt in cold water, then bring the eggs to boil.
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17 Super Cute Easter Bentos

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- From bentomom on Flickr
- From Lia Chen
- From Kelly Polizzi
- From Anna Yamamoto, via
- From Tiffany France
- From Bento Happiness
- From Jenn
- From Sherimiya
- From Reiko Reid
- From Gamene 

- From Sakurako Kitsa

- From Rachel Hei
- From Susan Yuen
- From Lia Chen 
- From Cute Food For Kids!

- Also from Cute Food For Kids.

- Not a bento, but it's just too adorable to pass! From Jojo Krang

Btw, do you know what do bunnies and eggs have anything to do with Easter? Oh~~~ is that something everybody knows but me? In case you don't know yet..... Here is a short aritcle that tells you the story!
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Easter Sandwich: Baby Chick

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One more Easter sandwich idea for you. It's a ham and cheese sandwich! Same as most of my cute food projects, this baby chick is very easy to make.
 - Cut bread, cheese and ham with egg shape cookie cutter
-  Cut the cheese with cookie cutter; cut the bread and carrot with scissors
- I placed my baby chick in this panda sandwich case.

-If you are packing this sandwich into a lunch box, don't forget to use some cream cheese to glue the wings and beak  on the chick!
- I use sesame seeds for the eyes.
- Don't throw away the leftover bread, you can use it to create this!

One more thing! Remember the Easy Lunch Box giveaway on this blog last month? Since I still couldn't get hold of the original winner, I had to pick a new one. The new winner of this giveaway is the entry #60 Chika.
Chika, please contact me at Congratulations!
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Egg In The Nest For Easter

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Here is an "egg in the nest".
It really is an "egg" in the nest!

- You only need a slice of bread, an egg and a pack of ketchup to create this fun breakfast for Easter
- Cook in low heat
- Draw the egg with ketchup, then serve it.
- Or turn it into a yummy and healthy sandwich

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Uses of Bunny Lip Pop picks

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It's getting close to Easter, and it's time to start making some special treats for this special time of the year. Have you seen the marshmallow bunny and marshmallow bunny pops on the blog yet? Here is another easy way to add some fun to the season.

Have you ever tried Candy lip pops like these? You can find them in places like Walmart and Michael's during Easter season. Don't throw away the plastic bunny face picks after you finish the candies. You can use them to create some fun food!

- peanut butter sandwich, apple wedges and candy eyes ( can be replaced with raisins, chocolate chips or M&M)
- Rice, cheese, nori and scrambled eggs (with a drop of red food coloring)

You can also use these picks to create bunny cupcakes or bunny burgers. Brilliant, isn't it?'s not my idea. I "borrow" the idea from ABQ Bento Mom on Flickr who use these picks to decorate sandwich and pizza for her kids!
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