Easter Sandwich: Baby Chick

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One more Easter sandwich idea for you. It's a ham and cheese sandwich! Same as most of my cute food projects, this baby chick is very easy to make.
 - Cut bread, cheese and ham with egg shape cookie cutter
-  Cut the cheese with cookie cutter; cut the bread and carrot with scissors
- I placed my baby chick in this panda sandwich case.

-If you are packing this sandwich into a lunch box, don't forget to use some cream cheese to glue the wings and beak  on the chick!
- I use sesame seeds for the eyes.
- Don't throw away the leftover bread, you can use it to create this!

One more thing! Remember the Easy Lunch Box giveaway on this blog last month? Since I still couldn't get hold of the original winner, I had to pick a new one. The new winner of this giveaway is the entry #60 Chika.
Chika, please contact me at tiffany@cutefoodforkids.com. Congratulations!
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