17 Super Cute Easter Bentos

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- From bentomom on Flickr
- From Lia Chen
- From Kelly Polizzi
- From Anna Yamamoto, via parenting.com
- From Tiffany France
- From Bento Happiness
- From Jenn
- From Sherimiya
- From Reiko Reid
- From Gamene 

- From Sakurako Kitsa

- From Rachel Hei
- From Susan Yuen
- From Lia Chen 
- From Cute Food For Kids!

- Also from Cute Food For Kids.

- Not a bento, but it's just too adorable to pass! From Jojo Krang

Btw, do you know what do bunnies and eggs have anything to do with Easter? Oh~~~ is that something everybody knows but me? In case you don't know yet..... Here is a short aritcle that tells you the story!
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