SodaStream review and discount code

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I love small kitchen appliances. From coffee maker, blander, deep fryer, mixer, slow cooker....... to cotton candy maker, snow cone maker, donut maker, popsicle maker, waffle stick maker, cake pop maker, milkshake maker....... Almost any small appliance you can find in the market I have it.

The newest product I got is this soda maker: SodaStream. It is a carbonation system that allow you to make your own soda at home in minutes. The machine turns plain water into fizzy water first. Then you can add flavouring to create your own soda.

I got the machine 2 weeks ago and have used it half a dozen times. So far I really love it!
Reasons? First of all, it is super easy to use (my son had lots fun helping), and the machine required no clean up! Second, the machine looks stylish and it doesn't take much space on my kitchen counter (I love the skinny and tall design). It does not require electricity or batteries, so it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Also, this is a earth- friendly product! Making your own soda at home means there will be less cans or bottles need to be produced. The most important reason why I like SodaStream is that I am able to create naturally flavored soda. You can purchase soda syrup from SodaStream (they carry 6 flavors that are made from naturally sourced ingredients), or your can make your own syrup (all kinds of recipes can be found on line)! I think plain water with some lime juice taste really good too!

SodaStream carried many different models. The biggest difference between models are the looks. The one I have is "Fizz". It's the model with a LED display that tells you the level of CO2 left in the cylinder, and allows you to control the level of carbonation to your own preferences.

If you only drink soda once a while, this machine is not for you. However, if you or anyone in your family loves soda, SodaStream is definitely a good investment. You will save a lot of money in the long run especially if you prefer naturally flavored soda.

If you order the Green Fizz starter kit HERE before August 31st, you can get a 10% discount by entering the coupon code " greenfizz2012" at the time you check out. Don't miss your chance!!

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