Playable Edible Game

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It's in the middle of the summer when you can do all kind of activities outside such as swimming, camping, biking......
If for any reason you have to stay at home, how do you keep the kids away from TV or video cames? How about playing tic tac toe? Even better.... edible tic tac toe!

I used store bought cookie icing to draw the lines on a cutting board; food marker to draw on Mentos.
If you have trouble finding food markers, you can use 2 different colours of Mentos (or any kinds of candy) instead of drawing O and X.

For healthier version: draw the lines with ranch dressing or mayo; use vegetable instead of candy!

You don't have to cut the veggie into fun shapes. I did it just to make the picture looks better.

Cereal Tic Tac Toe

Play the game with peanuts and yogurt covered raisins

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