Chocolate Bird Nest on Spoon for Easter

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After Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day, it's time to move on to the next holiday: Easter. No, I didn't forget about St. Patrick's Day. I just don't have any new idea for it yet.
Same as 99% of my dessert recipes, this chocolate nest is easy to make. It takes very little time, no special tool required and no big mess to clean up after ^,^ It would be a fun project for you and kids to work together!

These are what you need:
1/3 cup chocolate chips, mini chocolate eggs, chocolate sprinkles (the kind you put on ice cream) and  8- 10 plastic spoons (I found these in dollar store)

Here is how- to:

- Microwave chocolate chips at half power for 45 seconds.
- Stir

- Microwave at half power for another 45 seconds.
- Stir until smooth

- Dip spoon in melted chocolate
- Remove extra chocolate from the spoon

- Make sure there is only a thin layer of melted chocolate on the spoon!!!

- Place mini chocolate eggs on the spoon
- Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles

- Give it a few hours to set before serving

- It would be a cute Easter treat to sent to school!

- You can use different kind of spoons!

- You could also serve these on Mother's Day or baby shower!

- Because there is only a thin layer of chocolate on the spoon, the chocolate eggs on the spoon can be pulled off very easily. I gave these to my son and his friend. The boys ate the eggs first, then they licked the chocolate on the spoon.
I got a even better idea! Why not eat the eggs first, then dip the spoon to a cup of hot chocolate!

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  1. I love this !!! We are so gone do this,love this

  2. Soooo cute! Love these for my classroom! :O)

  3. absolutely fell in love with these here - so cute

  4. Grea idea:) They look awesome! I love it!:)

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. What a easy and wonderful idea for Easter! Love it!

  7. Thank you so much ladies! My son and his friend loved this treat I gave them :D

  8. Are they easy to eat or do you have to knaw the chocolate off the spoon? Would love to try them for a baby shower.

  9. Because there is only a thin layer of chocolate on the spoon, the chocolate eggs on the spoon can be pull off very easily. I gave these to my son and his friend. The boys ate the eggs first, then they licked the chocolate on the spoon. Not difficult to eat, but kinda messy. I had to wipe their mouths after.

  10. realy cute very nice idea and its almost easter.

  11. I absolutely love these. So simple and totally adorable!

  12. How cute and creative! I will totally be trying these! Thanks for sharing!

  13. very easy, fun, and looks delicious!!!



  14. Cute! They'd be yummy to stir into coffee, too.

  15. Those nests are really cute ! :D
    Have you got any Mother's Day ideas ?

  16. Wow, Tiffany! Those are adorable and soo creative! I don't know how you come up with these ideas. I would love to go shopping with you and hear all your ideas for everything in the store!

  17. Thanks for the cute and easy triplets are going to make these and give to their teachers on the 1st day of spring next week. So excited!!!!

  18. Thank you thank you for all the comments :D so glad most people like this simple idea!

  19. we tried these out and they were awesome.

    thanks for sharing

  20. Hi Tiffany! I included your adorable bird's nest spoons in a round-up on my blog today:

    Thank you for the inspiration - it's such a fantastic idea! : )

  21. Thanks you so much for all your so good ideas !!!!!!
    I do this one on my blog ! That's ok for you ?

    Thanks you again !

  22. Question: What type of plastic did you use to wrap the spoon? Saran wrap would probably not look as nice LOL

  23. It's a lollipop wrap. You can find it on line, bakery supply shop or Michael's the craft store.
    Saran wrap may not look too good but it works :D

  24. I hope that you don't mind, but I made these and posted them on my blog! I gave you credit and supplied a link. Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  25. очень интересная идея! спасибо большое!!!

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