Chocolate Bird Nest on Spoon for Easter

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After Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day, it's time to move on to the next holiday: Easter. No, I didn't forget about St. Patrick's Day. I just don't have any new idea for it yet.
Same as 99% of my dessert recipes, this chocolate nest is easy to make. It takes very little time, no special tool required and no big mess to clean up after ^,^ It would be a fun project for you and kids to work together!

These are what you need:
1/3 cup chocolate chips, mini chocolate eggs, chocolate sprinkles (the kind you put on ice cream) and  8- 10 plastic spoons (I found these in dollar store)

Here is how- to:

- Microwave chocolate chips at half power for 45 seconds.
- Stir

- Microwave at half power for another 45 seconds.
- Stir until smooth

- Dip spoon in melted chocolate
- Remove extra chocolate from the spoon

- Make sure there is only a thin layer of melted chocolate on the spoon!!!

- Place mini chocolate eggs on the spoon
- Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles

- Give it a few hours to set before serving

- It would be a cute Easter treat to sent to school!

- You can use different kind of spoons!

- You could also serve these on Mother's Day or baby shower!

- Because there is only a thin layer of chocolate on the spoon, the chocolate eggs on the spoon can be pulled off very easily. I gave these to my son and his friend. The boys ate the eggs first, then they licked the chocolate on the spoon.
I got a even better idea! Why not eat the eggs first, then dip the spoon to a cup of hot chocolate!

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