How I Use My Car Shaped Cookie Cutter

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We are on our family annual camping trip where I am not able to make any cute food for my son or to show you. However, I do have my laptop with me and there are some pictures of fun foods I made long time ago that have't been posted on my blog yet.

 - It's a pepperoni pizza! I made the pizza first, then I cut it with my car shaped cookie cutter.
 - A Nutella Sandwich. Check this post to see how to draw the details on the sandwich
- A ham and cheese sandwich with a slice of apple and a little piece of fish sausage. That traffic light is a cup cake topper
- A lunch for my son to bring to school on his 5th birthday. Please check this post to learn how to keep apple from browning.

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  1. great ideas! I should really start putting those cookie cutters to use. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. So completely cute! I want a car shaped cookie cutter!

  3. You are so dedicated - doing this on your camping holiday!
    I haven't made any fun lunches for the kids for such a long time - I need to rectify that!

  4. Wow! I LOVE ALL OF THEM! :D
    Esp. the apple flag and the Num. 5 apple!
    Hope you're enjoying your camping trip as much! ^.^

  5. Very creative ideal. Enjoy your camping trip.

  6. Aww.......thank you ladies for all the comments.
    We are having lots of fun here on Vancouver island. The weather is wonderful :D

  7. veramente una idea carinissima per dei bimbi.COMPLIMENTI

  8. I'm always so bad at remembering to use my cookie cutters. I have a ton and don't actually make cookies....but then forget about them with some silly stuff like this.

  9. Hi Lucy, thank you for the comment!

    To Jessi, haha...same here! I have way to many cookie cutters and I don't make cookies ;p I use them to cut sandwiches.

  10. where did you get the car shaped cookie cutters? Thanks

  11. Hi Aun, you may want to try eBay. I got lots cookie cutters there.

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