Cheesy Boats

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Before I tell you about my Babybel cheese boats, I would like to thank Chantale, the consumer service manager of Mini Babybel for sending me a whole year's supply of  Babybels and Laughing Cow Wedges. Yippee ...... lot of cheese to play with!

How do you like my Angry Bird cheese boats? This is definitely a fun appetizer for your party! You can choose the stickers depend on the theme of your party. Won't it be so cool to have some pirate boats on the table? How about some pinkish Hello Kitty boats? I bet even the pickiest eater would love to have some of these!

Only 4 items required to make these:
Babybel cheeses, colored paper, toothpicks and stickers

 Do you know Babybel comes in different colors? The one on the left is orange! I've also seen yellow and blue Babybels. I know there is purple one, but I have never seen it in the market.


Here is the other Angry Bird Cheese boat ^,^

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