X'mas Theme Bentos 2010

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There are so many creative moms who pack cute lunches for their kids everyday. I really admire their creativities and their patients.
Check out these interesting Christmas theme bentos.

From Lia Chen

From Sherimiya
From Ah 4
 From ABQ Bento Mama
From Susan Yuen
From Stephanie
From My Meal Box
From Tata
From Bento Mania
From myself ...in case you haven't seen it yet.
It's also the simplest one. Hee hee....I just can't get up early enough to pack facny school lunch for my son >.<
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Santa Sandwich

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♪ You better watch out
♪ You better not cry
♪ Better not pout
♪ I'm telling you why
♪ Santa Claus is coming to town .......

Can't wait for Christmas morning when it's time to open gifts with Aaron. He has been such a good boy this year, so I'm sure Santa is going to give him a very big surprise!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Wish you all have a wonderful holiday

- Cut  the breads
 - Spread strawberry jam
- Put the sandwich together, then add cream cheese
- Finally, add mini chocolate chip eyes and candy nose

 It's pretty easy, isn't it? The idea actually came from a Santa cookie from the magazine Family Fun. The white stuff on this cookie is shredded coconut!

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Hot Dog Stocking

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Only a few days away from Christmas. Are you still searching for Christmas party appetizer ideas? Here is a quick and easy one. This one may taste a bit plain to you, but I think the kids in your party will love it. It's fun!

One wiener dog can turn into a pair of stockings:
* Cut the wiener dog after it's cooked
* I used cream cheese to decorate it

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Babybel Cheese Santa

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Last time I turned babybel cheeses into ladybugs; this time I turned these babybel cheeses into Santas. Ho ho ho....

Here is how:
Unwrape the babybel
Eyes are drawn by food marker; nose is made from the wax wrap
 Get cream cheese beard
Insert a stick
 Add a little piece of marshmallow on top
Add some more cream cheese on the edge of the hat. Add a little strip of seaweed for mouth if you like.

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Santa Bento

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Santa is coming in 9 days! Are you ready for Christmas? Sigh....I'm still working on my Christmas shopping. Usually I love shopping, but it really is no fun to shop for the stuff I can't keep >.<
Anyway, I'm showing you my very first Christmas theme bento today. Santa's face is made from a burger; beard and eyes are made from Swiss cheese and seaweed; the hat is made from a slice of apple. I also use a piece of wax paper to separate the burger and apple.
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Oh No ~~~ My Snowmen are Melting!

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Do you remember the marshmallow snowmen I made a few weeks ago? With one extra step, these snowmen got a whole new look! They are now the melted snowmen.

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
- Place graham crackers and marshmallows in a baking dish
- Cover it up loosely so that the marshmallows won't turn brown
- Bake for 12 minutes in the preheated oven ( I used the little toaster oven)
- Meanwhile, prepare snowman's heads
 - Place heads on the heated marshmallow then press them down a little bit
- Wait for them too cool down then decorate the snowmen the way you like

PS: I heated up a chewing candy in microwave for 10 seconds, then I used it to make mittens for my snowmen.

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Snowman Mashed Potato

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Here is another snowman!
This one is made from one pack of instant mashed potato, bacon bits, carrot, green onion and pretzel. I served the whole thing on a plate; however, you can also put the snowman on a big bowl of mashed potato. Isn't it a fun side dish for Christmas party? Maybe your kids will be more than happy to eat the "broccoli  bush"!
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Rice Krispy Christmas Trees

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This stand up Christmas tree ( treat) is  super easy to make. Each tree is made from one Rice Krispie Square, and it takes only 2 minutes to make.

Cut the Rice Krispies Squae 

Insert a popsicle stick
Tips: use shorter stick so that the tree will stand better!


Put the tree on the base 

Decorate the tree with cookie icing and sprinkles
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Gingerbread House- Hello Kitty's Home

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Gingerbread house is another must have for the holiday season in our house.
This Hello Kitty's home was the cute food project that took me the longest time. Only the cereal roof took me a whole night. However, my 5 years old son told me it's ugly. Well, how can I blame him. He is a boy. But I guess I'll have to make a gingerbread police station or gingerbread garage next year.

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" Don't Eat Me" Gingerbread cookies

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Wow...it's December already! It seems like I was preparing for Halloween just the other day, but now I only have less than a month to get ready for Christmas.
Gingerbread cookie is one thing we've always have for the holiday season. Instead of super duper cute gingerbread men, I made something different this year.
聖誕節的薑餅.用"橫屍遍野"做標題好像不太恰當吧 ;p

What do you think? Would you like to have some cookies like this for Christmas, or you rather save the idea for Halloween?

These are the items I used

Or you can find these fun cookie cutters at Fred
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