Rice Krispy Christmas Trees

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This stand up Christmas tree ( treat) is  super easy to make. Each tree is made from one Rice Krispie Square, and it takes only 2 minutes to make.

Cut the Rice Krispies Squae 

Insert a popsicle stick
Tips: use shorter stick so that the tree will stand better!


Put the tree on the base 

Decorate the tree with cookie icing and sprinkles
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  1. this is adorable. You could call them, Rice Krispie Trees. I'm going to give them a try with my daughter soon I think.

  2. Please give it a try. It's pretty easy:D

  3. I featured this today on my Christmas in July Blog Celebration


  4. We featured these as part of our "Christmas Tree Party Week" on our blog: http://partyonpurposeshop.com/parties/christmas-tree-party-week-food-and-drink/ We're calling them Rice Krispie Tree-ts ;)! Thanks for sharing!