Plants vs. Zombies Cupcakes and Dinner

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Do you know "Plants vs Zombies" yet? Same as the famous Angry Bird, it's one of the most popular video games now!

These are chocolate cupcakes baked in silicone flower pot cupcake molds, and covered with Oreo crumbs. Those fun characters from Plants vs Zombies were made from rolled fondant from Wilton.

Store bought fondant is very easy to work with ( feels like play dough). You can easily use it to create little fondant figures. Do you see those little pink sea creatures on the very top of my blog, under the blog title? they were made from fondant. Store bought fondant is edible; however, you may not want to eat it. I think it taste pretty awful! I still love to use it to decorate my cake because it's ready to use, and it comes in many different colors. So convenient!

The tools I used to create these fondant figures are a little knife, scissors, tweezers and a chopstick.

You know what? This is the first cupcake post on this blog ^,^ I had so much fun creating these cupcake toppers, so I think you may see more cupcake posts here in the future.

Which one is your favorite plant? I really like the garlic

Here comes the zombie! Don't worry! Your plants will protect you!

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Here is a Plants vs Zombie meal.
There are mini Angus beef burgers, apple, 2 kinds of cheese, olive, mustard and black sesame seeds on this plate.

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