Uses of Bunny Lip Pop picks

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It's getting close to Easter, and it's time to start making some special treats for this special time of the year. Have you seen the marshmallow bunny and marshmallow bunny pops on the blog yet? Here is another easy way to add some fun to the season.

Have you ever tried Candy lip pops like these? You can find them in places like Walmart and Michael's during Easter season. Don't throw away the plastic bunny face picks after you finish the candies. You can use them to create some fun food!

- peanut butter sandwich, apple wedges and candy eyes ( can be replaced with raisins, chocolate chips or M&M)
- Rice, cheese, nori and scrambled eggs (with a drop of red food coloring)

You can also use these picks to create bunny cupcakes or bunny burgers. Brilliant, isn't it?'s not my idea. I "borrow" the idea from ABQ Bento Mom on Flickr who use these picks to decorate sandwich and pizza for her kids!
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