Babybel Cheese Boys

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Remember Babybel Cheese: For Girls that I posted a while ago? If you found it interesting, I'm sure you will love this one too!

Instead of black sesame seed eyes, I use nori (seaweed) for the facial details this time. You can use scissors to cut the nori, or you can use nori punch like this or this. This tool is a bit pricey. However, I think it's a good investment if you need to make cute food all the time.

There is one thing I have to mention here. I found this babybel boys a few days ago from Crescent Moon

Do they look so much like the babybel boys I'm showing you today? I made mine 2 month ago. Actually, you can see my babybel girls on the other side of these babybel boys. I swear that I didn't steal her idea. I was shocked when I saw this photo on her blog.
I also have to admit here that her babybel boys are more fun. Don't you love the one with baseball cap and the one who got a crazy hair :D
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