26 Edible Christmas Wreaths

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- Appetizer wreath from Julia Usher

- Marshmallow and popcorn wreaths from Food Network

- Still have tons of leftover Halloween candies? Make a candy wreath!
From The Vintage Umbrella
- Mini saussage wreath from Free-N-Fun

- Mini donut wreaths from Cute Food For Kids

- Mini Christmas wreaths on cupcakes from Channel 4, and a super simple one from Wilton

- Simple cinnamon cookie wreath from Better Homes and Gardens

- Brownie wreath also from Better Homes and Gardens

- Cheerio wreath from The Chocolate Mousse Catering

- Sandwich wreath from Better Recipes
- Gumdrop wreath from A Pretty Cool Life
With step by step tutorial!
- Cinnamon roll wreath from John via camp-cook.com

- Very Merry cookie wreath!
Get the recipe from Very Best Bakinng
- Vegetable wreath with dip recipe from Taste of Home

- Pull-apart appetizer wreath also from Taste of Home
- Learn how to make this Christmas star cookie wreath from The Farm Chicks

- Pretzel wreaths from Phillsbury

- Breakfast wreath from Stuff

- Pulled apart cupcake wreaths from Cupcakes by Katie and takesthecakecp.com

- Get cornflake wreath recipe from Bonnibella

- Rainbow Christmas wreath from Betty Crocker

- Mini pizza bagel wreath from Le Top Blog

- Learn how to make this peppermint wreath with Gwynn  Wasson Designs

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  1. OMG!! so Yummy!! you are an artist! thanks!

  2. Cool round up :) I love that some of them are healthy food options.

  3. Oh my gosh! How cute are all of these?!?!

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  5. nice!! check out this site www.Iowlyou.com for other great cute things :)

  6. Awesome Christmas Wreaths...
    Thanks for your blog. It gives me ideas and inspiration.

  7. Wow, what a lovely Christmas wreaths and its just awesome. It looks so colorful and I would try the rainbow wreath because it really attracts my eyes.

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