51 Rainbow Food Ideas for St. Patrick's Day or Rainbow Theme Party

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This post is no doubt the most colorful post on this blog!

- Rainbow cookies from The Cookie Shop

- Rainbow doodle birthday cake from Sweetapolita (tons beautiful dessert ideas there!!!)
Let your kids draw on their own birthday cake! How fun is that?!

- Rainbow fruit platter from San Diego Cooks
There are rainbow, cloud and a bucket of gold!
Fun, simple and healthy party idea!

- Rainbow Vodka jello shots. Please head over to Jelly Shot Test Kitchen for how- to.
Love the cherry!

- Pot o' gold rainbow push pops from Sweetology.
Check out how she made the little gold nuggets!!!

- St. Patrick's Day treat bag from The Audrey Files
- Rainbow pancakes how to from Live and Love.... Out Loud
- Chicken nugget rainbow wrap from Texas "type A" Mom

- Rainbow bread from Flour On Her Nose
St. Patrick's Day breakfast?
Also check out her rainbow cookies
- Mini reinbow marshmallows via Flickr 
- Cloud cake pop with rainbow from Bubble and Sweet
Awww...... how cute!
- Wow! A very long rainbow cake from weaver_brown on Flickr
- Rainbow fudge from Tablespoon
Love the colors

- Rainbow cake in a jar.
Get the recipe from Babble

- Easy rainbow cupcakes from Bits&Pieces
Love this simple idea!
- Rainbow skewers from Quick Dish
Easy, colorful, fun and healthy!

- Rainbow cheese cake from Macheesmo at Tablespoon

- Rainbow cupcakes from FamilyFun

- Rainbow slush from Wendy In Florida
- Rainbow cake from Omnomicon

- Rainbow waffles from Random Thoughts Of A Supermom

- Rainbow rice krispies from Raspberri Cupcakes

- Layered rainbow cake with a rainbow heart inside! WOW, amazing!!!
Learn how to make it with Bakingdom

- Rainbow pop tarts from Helablog

- Rainbow bento from Jewelmaker
That's one colorful lunch!

- Rainbow cake pops from Brides

- Tutorial for rainbow jello eggs from Choose To Thrive

- Rainbow tutu cake stand and lots more fun ideas for a rainbow theme birthday party.
Via Hostess

- Rainbow cake frosting.
Want to know how it's done? Head over to Chica and Jo
Gotta try this!

- Rainbow burger and spaghetti via Naomi Bulger
Pretty! But I don't think I would want to eat these ^,^

- Rainbow drinks, rainbow oreos and lot more fun ideas for rainbow theme party from Kara's Party

- Rainbow cake push pop and lots more rainbow party ideas via Hostess

- Rainbow whoopie pies from Chung Nguyen

- Rainbow cookie pops from The Decorated Cookie

- Rainbow marshmallows also from The Decorated Cookie

- Rainbow cupcakes and other fun treats for St. Patrick's Day party.
From Hoosier Homemade

- Rainbow veggie platter from Life Made Delicious

- Rainbow cookie sandwiches.
Get the recipe from Munchkin Munchies

- Rainbow gumball goody bag from Happiness Is.....
- Rainbow in cake from Not Martha

- Rainbow pie from Lisa Michele
- Hand painted rainbow donut via Flickr
- Macaron tower from Bonbini

- Unicorn poop from Kristylynn84 via Instructable

- Mini rainbow lemon cheesecake from sunshineskitchen.com

- Rain bow popsicles from ohdeedoh 

- Rainbow soda bar from Project Wedding
- Double rainbow pudding recipe from Michelle p. via Tablespoon

- Rainbow slice and bake cookies from Good Life Eats

If you have kids at home, there is an article I'm sure you will be interested: 10 Different Colors of Foods Kids Love from NannyPro.com. Check it out!
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