Friday, February 3, 2012

50 Treat Ideas for Valentine's Day

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- Heart shaped macaron with raspberry/ strawberry from Mad Baker
- Marshmallow for hot cocoa from The Decorate Cookie
Love love love love this idea!

- Homemade Valentine's Day mints from Busy Mommy 

- Hot chocolate for your Valentine from Martha Stewart

- I heart cupcakes!
Learn how to with CaffeIna

- Strawberry ladybugs from Wing- It Vegan

- Heart shaped roasted potato from Haniela's Food & Photography

- Valentine coffee via Gusto di Vita
Looks easy!

- Gumdrop flowers from Craftberry Bush

- Heart shaped cinnamon rolls from Pinch My Salt
What a lovely Valentine's Day breakfast!

- Chocolate covered pretzel from Creatively Christy
A fun and Simple idea!

- The cutest Valentine's Day card!
From Brassy Apple

- Heart shaped rice ball (onigiri) via Deviant Art

- Red wine lollipop from Sprinkle Bakes
Treat for grown ups

- Chocolate dipped strawberry rose from Babble
These strawberry flowers would be good for Mother's Day too!

- Bake a heart into the cupcake!
Via Foodista

- Brown sugar blondies for Valentine from Baked Perfection
A simple recipe!

- DIY Valentine lollipops from Woman's Day

- 2 ingredient strawberry fudge!
Get the recipe from Cookies and Cups 

- Lip cake pops from Bakerella

- Valentine Meringue cookies from One More Moore
- Fuzzy cake balls from Hungry Happening
- Valentine's Day fruit pizza from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

- Milk ice cubes from A Subtle Revelry
What a easy way to make breakfast fun!

- Heart shaped sushi via Shutter Stock

- Heart in sushi via We Heart It
- Marshmallow love bug from The Decorated Cookie
- Valentine's day party mix from Betty Crocker

- Tomato hearts from Eye Candy
Cute, simple and healthy!!

- Valentine's marshmallow pops from Glourious Treats

- Tea bags for Valentine's Day from Martha Stewart

- Valentine's Day buttons via Tasty Kitchen
- Strawberry hearts with yogurt dip from It's The Little Thing that makes a house a home 

- Conversation heart sugar cookies from Annie's Eats

- Get heart shaped egg without egg mold.

- Use marbles to bake heart shaped cupcakes from FamilyFun

- Here is one more chocolate dipped pretzel for Valentine's Day! This one is from Love From The Oven

- Red velvet whoopie pies from Annie's Eats
Perfect for Valentine's Day

- Learn how to make chocolate cups with Bright Ideas

- Candy Cupid's arrows from Dollhouse Bake Shoppe

- Learn how to make heart sprinkles with The Farm Chicks

- Melon kabobs from Be Different Act Normal

- Heart shaped macarons also from Be Different Act Normal
- Cinnamon candy cider from Martha Stewart

- X and O s'mores from Best Friends For Frosting

- Fondant covered Oreo Cakesters from I Am Baker
How pretty!

Also, please check out some of the Valentine's Day treats I made last year.

- Marshmallow bear. Super easy!

- Rice Krispie hearts: turn one Rice Krispies Square into 3 hearts!

- Candy necklace. It could be a fun gift or a party activity!

- Candy cane hearts with chocolate filling and 25 more things you can do with candy canes.

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  1. I love all these cute valentines ideas. My favorite is the fuzzy cake balls. They are just precious. Thanks for sharing so many fun and yummy treats.

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  2. love it. i'm gonna do the healthy treats... with the strawberries, etc.

  3. Love all the ideas,thanks for sharing this.

  4. Love these, definatly sending these to school with my son.

  5. thank you for all the great ideas. <3

  6. Thanks for featuring my Warm Fuzzy Cake Balls, Tiffany. What a great round up of Valentine's Day treats.

  7. These are all so cute! I always look forward to your holiday ideas posts!!

  8. 6 kinds of marshmallow! i love it!

    photos of Valentine's Day card are so sweet and original!!

    thanks! Ro

  9. Great Valentine's collection. I like the cards :)

  10. These are all so neat! I do not know which to pick!! :) Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Thanks, these are great ideas!

  13. Adorable ideas. You should suggest they be added to this roundup that another blogger did on SkinnyScoop. It has 20 ideas but not all of yours.

    20+ Heart Shaped Food Ideas to Love

  14. Adorable ideas. You should suggest they be added to this roundup that another blogger did on SkinnyScoop. It has 20 ideas but not all of yours.

    20+ Heart Shaped Food Ideas to Love

  15. What a lot of great ideas! I love your marshmallow necklack with the sprinkle heart and the heart sushi is so cute too!

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  20. These are some great ideas, I love how easy they seem!

  21. Overall, these are all great ideas. But the heart-shaped sushi is the best. It's quite unique since chocolates, candies and other sweets are the norm during this romantic occasion. For more ideas on what Valentine goodies to offer, you may want to take a look at this:

  22. This is by far the BEST list of Valentine's ideas EVER! I am using at least 3 of them this year!!!! Thank you!

  23. Cute and delicious, thanks for the ideas.

  24. This is really an awesome 50 treat ideas for Valentine's Day and I mostly love the heart cupcakes, strawberry ladybugs and heart shaped cinnamon rolls and they look just lovely.

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  28. Lovely edible things. They look cute and delicious.

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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful ideas for this Valentine's Day.

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  32. I like the chocolate dipped strawberry rose.

  33. These are all nice. The strawberry ladybugs are cool.

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