Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cubes For Coffee

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Do you drink same kind of coffee every single day? Want to try something different? How about add a little hint of chocolate in your coffee?

Here is how:
- First, put 2 dozen sugar cubes in freezer for at least 20 minutes!!
- Microwave 1/3 cup of chocolate chips at half power for 45 seconds.

- Stir
- Microwave for another 35 seconds

- Stir until smooth
- Dip frozen sugar cubes in melted chocolate

If you don't freeze the sugar cubes before dipping them in chocolate, these are what you may get! See the bumpy surface?

Give them a few hours to set.
I added heart shaped cookie sprinkles on some of those sugar cubes.
Won't it be nice to have your morning coffee on Valentine's Day with these decorated sugar cubes!

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