26 Football Shaped Food Ideas

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Are you hosting a Super Bowl party? If you do, check out these edible football recipes. It will be fun to have a few of these on the menu!

- Matcha passion fruit bars from Brave Tart

- Football Pizza from Kraft Foods.
This one looks pretty easy! I think I'm gonna give it a try.

- Chocolate-Nutty Rice Krispie footballs from Rice Krispies

- Learn how to make football cake pops step by step from Love + Butter

- Touchdown meatloaf from i Village

- Watermelon football via Groupies Unite
- Easy football cupcake from Oh it's Amanda on Flickr

- Touchdown taco pockets from Gourment Mom On The Go
- Football field pancake from Jim's Pancakes
What a fun breakfast idea! Something you can play with before you eat!

- It's a pull- apart football cupcake from Key Ingredient
- Spicy- Sweet Deviled Eggs from My Recipes
A fun and easy appetizer for your Super bowl party

- Chili recipe in football bread by Jeanne Benedict

- Football peanut butter cookie from Betty Crocker

- Strawberry Football from Sharie's Berries

- Football Pan from Wilton
- Football juice boxes from Catch M Party. Fun for kid's party!
- 7 layer dip from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
- A football cake with mud filling from Kaboose

- Football pancake from Pandora's Pots

- Football brownies from Betty Crocker
- Football bites from Gimme Some Oven. Perfect finger food for your Super ball party!

- Watermelon football helmet from Watermelon.org

- Learn how to make almond footballs and macadamia helmet at 1 Find Cookie.
A yummy sweet and salty snack!

- Football rice cakes from Hungry Happening

- Mini football sub from FamilyFun

- Football whoopie pie from Make Merry Events

- Have you seen football Oreo?
Can't find these on Oreo's official website. The image was fond on Candy& Snack Today.

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  1. and the recipe of "cute food for kids"?

    I'm sure you can do another easy, fun and delicious.

    thanks, I NEED Strawberry !!


  2. Thanks for sharing our Football 7 Layer Dip! Great round up...the chili and strawberries are my favorites!

  3. this is so much fun. i wish i could do this also... happy blogging. :)

  4. Thank you so much girls. Happy Chinese new year :)

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    Thank you

  6. Hi naama 20044, I am so sorry that I don't know how to do it >,< Thank you for visiting, and hope to see you again!

  7. Great finds! I found the football Oreos in our local Commissary. If they don't have them near you let me know, I may be in your area soon and could bring you some!

  8. I saw the picture you post on fb. Those football Oreo sure makes you little girl happy :D

  9. Love all these ideas. My son's 3rd birthday is Super Bowl Sunday and we are going to use many of these foods for it. We did find the Oreos at Carrs/Safeway in Wasilla, Alaska, I know that's a long way for some to get to. :o)

  10. Happy Birthday to the little guy, and wish you have a fun party on Super Bowl Sunday.
    About the cookies.... Alaska? Ummm... It would be a long drive!

  11. Our Publix had the footbal Oreos but they were $4.19 a pkg. WOW. I thought that was a bit high, but we did get a pkg. Now they're nowhere to be found. I've checked Kroger, Wal-mart and Target...nothing.

  12. I still couldn't find these anywhere here in Vancouver :(

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  14. Thanks for sharing our Football 7 Layer Dip! Great round up...the chili and strawberries are my favorites!

  15. Love all these ideas. My son's 3rd birthday is Super Bowl Sunday and we are going to use many of these foods for it.

  16. unique cakes, I really want to make it for decoration not to be eaten LOL

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  19. i wish can eat one of that cake , i think it will realy delicious. i hope my mom can make it too , where a can find the recipe ?

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