IKEA Gingerbread House Kit: Monster Garage

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My son didn't like the Hallo Kitty gingerbread house I made last year, so I promised him I would make a "cool" house for him this Christmas.

Tada..... a monster garage! A gingerbread house I'm sure boys of all ages would love!
I use IKEA gingerbread house kit to create this monster garage. Yes, IKEA the furniture store carries gingerbread house kit! The prize of this kit is good; however, it doesn't come with the icing to put the house together or the candies for decoration. It does give you the icing recipe!

You can find it at the food section in IKEA. Usually located right by cashiers.
The cookies in this kit are much thinner than the regular gingerbread cookies.

Do you notice there is something missing?
Heehee... I ate the chimney. Delicious!!

Love the details on these cookies btw.

A gingerbread wrench cookie I made ^,^

Besides gingerbread cookies, fondant, candy, cookie sprinkles, cookie icing and my son's toys were used to decorate this gingerbread house.

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  1. This is so cute! My son would totally love it!

  2. Very nice ... Thanks for photos ...

  3. what a cute gingerbread house!

  4. This is so cute. My little boy would be jumping up and down seeing this. I just built a gingerbread house with my kids over the weekend (the "basic" one) and it was a blast. Come check it out on my blog if you have time. :) I always love the cute ideas on your blog.

  5. That is so cute!! What a fun way to spruce up a gingerbread kit :D

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  8. Thank you all for the comments. Wish you all have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Your posts are as usual INCREDIBLES!!!!!

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  11. We have to make the "glue" by our own ?

  12. Wow, I like the way you design this web... It's so beautiful.