41 Cutest and Most Creative Christmas Cupcakes

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It's getting close to Christmas, and I've been working on my Cute Christmas food projects. But before I post any of my new creations, let me round up the best Christmas cupcakes I can find. Can you spot any cupcake idea you want to try this holiday season?

- Snowman cupcakes from Confessions Of  A Cookbook Queen
Super cute!
- Cute and easy Christmas cupcake ideas from All You

- Pull apart snowman cupcakes from Kidscakelady via Cake Central

- Christmas tree cupcake via Riya Weddingdress
Beautiful cupcakes!

- Another simple and yet super cut one.
Christmas wreath cupcake from Wilton
-Reindeer cupcake from With Sprinkles On Top

- Learn how to make melted snowman cupcakes with Cory Doctorow
Isn't it the cutest idea?

- Candy can Christmas tree cupcakes from Bakerella

- Angel cupcakes from With or Without Nap
- A dozen chocolate mud cupcakes for Christmas from franjmc
One word..... WOW!

- Pull- apart X'mas tree cupcakes from Cupcake Wishes & Birthday dreams
There are 13 cupcakes!

- Easy snowman cupcake recipe from Taste of Home
- Santa's hat cupcake from Created by Diane

- White Christmas cupcakes from Not So Humble Pie

- Christmas tree cupcake from Wilton

- North pole cupcake from Gordon Gossip
A fun and easy Christmas cupcake decorating idea!

- Snowflake cupcake from Glorious Treats
So pretty, so classy!

- Christmas cupcakes with marshmallow toppers from Make and Take
Love this simple but yet cute idea!

- Giant Christmas cupcake from Delish Cupcakes
I need a giant cupcake mold!
- Strawberry Santa's hat from The Cupcake Blog

- Christmas cupcakes from The Art of Being Perfect
Don't you love those super cute reindeer cupcake toppers?

-Chocolate cupcakes with  icing sugar dusted snowflake via Kuidaore
- Chocolate covered almond penguin also from Kuidaore.
What a brilliant idea!

- Santa going down the chimney from Bakerella
haha.... that's one funny cupcake!

- Santa and his reindeers cupcake set from hayleythecaker via Flickr

- Starlight mint cupcakes From Hello Cupcake Book
How sweet!

- Elf cupcake from Sugar by Winz

- Learn how to make these cutest penguin cupcakes with Cute Everything
- Christmas pudding cupcake via vi.sualize.us

- Fondant Christmas sheep cupcake toppers from Mossy's Masterpiece cake/cupcake designs

- Jelly bean wreath from Jelly Belly
- Polar bear cupcakes from Family Fun

- Learn how to make these Grinch cupcakes with Sugar Swings

- Pull apart gingerbread man cupcakes from Duncan Hines
Love this creative idea!

- Ornament cupcakes. Also from Duncan Hines

- Layered Christmas recipe from Sugar Swings! Serve Some
You can also find the link to vanilla marshmallow buttercream icing recipe there!

- Adorable polar bear cupcakes!
Get the vanilla buttermilk cupcake and quick vanilla butter cream frosting recipes from Mel's Kitchen Cafe 

- How can I not including these snowman cupcakes from The Decorated Cookie!

- A whole set of super cute Christmas cupcakes from Paige Fong on Flickr

- Funny Christmas cupcakes from Pretty Witty Cakes. Please head over to check out their cupcake gallery!

- Another set of Christmas cupcakes!
From Creative Cake Academy

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  1. Wow...lots of cute cupcakes! My favorite is the santa going down the chimney. Thanks for sharing! I added your button today...love your site!

  2. Tons of cute ideas! The tree cupcakes with the stars on top are my favorite.

  3. I shared your post on my Facebook page:

  4. What cute cupcakes! Thanks fro the great collection.

  5. Great roundup! I want to make the elegant blue one with snowflakes!

  6. I had to tweet this, I'm in love with those chocolate covered almond penguins lol

  7. thanks for including the grinch and layered cupcakes!

  8. Again, wonderful.


  9. Hi everyone, so sorry for the late reply. It's been a crazy week. My son and I were so sick >.<
    I love every single cupcake on this post. Can't pick my favorite one! But I think I'm making the north pole cupcaks this year (looks so easy), and I can't wait to try the layered cupcakes!
    Thank you so much for the comments.

  10. This is sooo cute! I can't wait to try ALL of them!!!

  11. Hi Miranda, thank you. Go glad you like ALL of them :D

  12. love them all! fantastic ideas and beautiful creations!

  13. What great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. The penguin cupcakes called cute everything where my super favorites!!!

  15. i love them all i am going to try and do a selection of them i cannot pick a favorite one but thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. OMG! super cute! I have been looking for cute cucake ideas for when Adam Sandler comes over! You may be like shut up thats not true but it is! LOL

  17. Those are all amazing cupcakes! I can't wait for Christmas now- 8 months away :( Wish I would have found this site before. Thanks for posting!

  18. Hi - The set of 6 which you have put as "FUnny Christmas CUpcakes via Buzzbnet". They belong to me at Pretty Witty Cakes (www.prettywittycakes.co.uk). I still have the originals here - not sure why the watermark has been removed? Thanks Suzi

  19. I'm so sorry about that. I will fix it right away!!

  20. I like cupcakes, so original and beautiful cakes ;) Thanks for ideas best cigarettes

  21. The Xmas pudding cupcake is also wrongly credited (not your fault - people snatch pics all the time) it is by Kathryn Harris (4Goodness Cake) on Flickr

  22. What fabulous ideas. I'm going to have to give a few of these a try. Right now I have cupcake mix on hand but no frosting. I might give the snowflake dusted cupcakes a try.

  23. Great ideas - some of these are really unique!

  24. Recipes would be nice!! :))) drooling at some of these!

  25. Love your Christmas Penguin cupcake! Your presentation is mouth watering - difficult to really choose.

  26. Lovely eye-candies that won't add more calories! Thanks.

  27. I'm not seeing recipes/how-to's? I am creativity-challenged, but would love to try some of these! They're all gorgeous!

  28. It's really creative, will hav too try them out...

  29. I'm doing a catering exam in school and I'm making xmas cupcakes, this has given me lots of ideas. I'll be sure to use them! Thank for posting,

  30. cute cute cute!!!

  31. No REAL food here...how about some healthy real food for kids besides sweets and cupcakes

  32. I would like to try these amazing designs. I love them all.

  33. Jhoveleen - So amazing right. I will try it soon.

  34. Cute and really creative, will hav too try them out...

  35. OMG so cute. I luv them all!

  36. All 41 Christmas cupcake ideas are too good, Your this article give me proper idea for making cupcakes for my family and friends. Really Thanks

  37. these are great for Christmas parties

  38. I would love to make the candy cane Christmas tree