Funny Burger Brothers

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Aaron and I just came back from our Disneyland vacation. It was the first time I took Aaron travel by myself. I thought it would be a nice experience; however, the whole trip was a disaster. First, we missed our fly to LA. mistake! Then, we both got so sick. I had to take him to the emergency room one night because of high fever, and that's when I realized that I didn't buy travel insurance. Ouch! Finally, on the way to the airport to come home, he threw up on me. sigh......
Since I'm still so sick and not in the mood to make any cute food, I dug out some pictures of cute food I made a while ago to show you. Please check out this one first.

-Hair: cheese
-Eyes: fish sausage or any white color cheese+ sesame seeds
- Nose and mouth: nori ( or you can use food marker to draw on the hamburger bun)

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  1. fantastici, veramente originali!!!
    Mi piacciono molto, complimenti!! Un abbraccio

  2. Oh gosh. I am so sorry you had such a hard time! What a disappointment. Hope you both are feeling better.

  3. Non capendo bene la tua lingua sono riuscita a tradurre solo la ricetta, adesso che ho inserito il traduttore ho letto il resto! Spero che tutto si aggiusti! Rimettetevi! Un abbraccio!!

  4. siento lo del viaje accidentado, pero ese pan te ha quedado fantastico


  5. Maria: felic di sapere che ti piace!
    Hayley: Thank you so much ^^
    Lola: Gracias por el comentario

  6. Thank you ah4, we are much better now!

  7. Hi Tiffany! I love all your ideas here! So creative! What did you use to make the hair, eyes and mouth stick on the bread?

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