One Wiener Dog = 2 Crabs + 2 Octopi

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Wiener dog is one of the items that I pack into my son's lunch box quite often! Not only because it takes so little time to prepare, but also it can be kept in room temperature for quite a few hours.
How do you like these little guys? It only take a few extra minutes to transform a wiener dog into these cute little bite size treats!

You can use either pork or beef dog. Veggie dog won't turn out good.

Tip: Half frozen wiener is much easier to cut!

Cook for a few minutes, then they are cute enough to be served!

If you have extra time, you can add some decorations.
I used cheese and black sesame seeds to make eyes and mouths. Pancake syrup was used as glue.

This is also a quick and easy appetizer recipe for kids party!

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