Cookie Lollipops

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Kids love cookies, and they also love lollipops. How about cookie lollipops? I'm sure all the kids will love them too!

You can use any cookie recipe you like to make these cookie pops. Just remember to insert the sticks into the cookies before you bake them.
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  1. These look so cool, love the yellow and blue combination...many creative possibilities with this cookie lollipop idea!

  2. love these! Especially the chocolate-vanilla contrast :) So cute!

  3. I also love that chocolate one more! Thank you for the comment!

  4. I think that's a good idea because they love lollipops and this is a combination of both of them, but the problem would be the cookie could brake in thousands of pieces.

  5. It actually not that bad. I guess it depend on what kind of cookie you make. Anyway, thank you for the comment, and wish you have a nice weekend!