Food Art: 30 Edible Flower Ideas

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I am back! Can't believe it's been three months since my last post. I miss blogging and I miss you guys.

These cheese tulips are the fun and healthy snack for not only spring but also any time of the year.
To make these Babybel flowers, you need Babybel cheeses, lollipop sticks, scissors, knife and a hold puncher
Cut the leaves with scissors and hold puncher
Cut the cheese with a knife
Cut a small opening at the bottom of the Babybel with a knife or a straw

Put the flower together


Here is the super easy version

Also check out these edible flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a flower theme party.

- Veggie bouquets from Living Locurto
- Learn how to make pineapple flower with Martha Stewart
- Get the herbed onion flower recipe from Food
This blooming beauty makes an unique entree or garnish for a roast!

- Tomato tulips from Biblia Smakow

- Sunflower egg from Cute Food For Kids
It's a fun breakfast idea!

- Cherry blossom marshmallows and daisy cookie bites from The Decorated Cookie

- Learn how to make bacon rose bouquet from Our Best Bites
Yes! Bacon flowers!!!

- Tofu cake with tomato flower from Table for 2 .....or More

Veggie flower from Recipe by Photo
What a fun and healthy idea!

Sunflower cupcake with a super cute M&M ladybug from Face Your Batter

Apple rose tarts from Time to Cook- Online
Yum yum!

Fondant flower from Cute Food For Kids
Yes! It's the sunflower from the video game Plants vs. Zombies

Radish flowers from Recipe 24x7

Macaron flowers from Trissalicious

Fruit pops from Bakers Royal

Pull- apart flower cupcakes from Culinary Couture

Nilla blossoms from Kraft
Carrot and dip flower from We Love Being Moms

Learn how to make marshmallow flower cupcakes with Little Mom on  the Prairie

- Fruit pops from Kiind

- Flowers in lunch box from Cloud 9 Food
How pretty is that!

Gumdrop flowers and strawberry roses via Cute Food For Kids

Onion blossom recipe from Flower Blog

Sandwich flowers from Shower of Roses
Love these lily sandwiches!

Mother's Day breakfast in bed from Hungry Happening
Wow! A whole set of flower theme food!

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